End Times by Anna Schumacher

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I received this book via Penguin First to Read. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of this review.

End Times by Anna SchumacherEnd Times by Anna Schumacher
Series: End Times #1
Published by Razorbill on May 20, 2014
Length: 320 pages
Reviewing eARC from Penguin First to Read

Carbon County, Wyoming is like a current running through Daphne’s heart.

When life gets too tough to bear in Detroit, Daphne flees to her Uncle Floyd’s home, where she believes she’ll find solace in the silent hills of her childhood summers. But Daphne’s Greyhound bus pulls over in downtown Carbon County and it’s not silence that welcomes her. It’s the sound of trumpets.

Daphne’s desire to start again in simple country comfort is instantly dashed as the townsfolk declare that the End Times are here. And incredible occurrences soon support their belief. Daphne does all she can to keep her head down and ignore the signs. She works a job at the local oil rig, helps around the house, hangs out with her pregnant cousin Janie and gets to know Owen, a mysterious motocross racer and fellow roustabout at the rig. But soon a startling discovery shatters her resolve and calls into question all her doubts and fears.

Daphne landed in Carbon County for a reason. She only has to read the signs—and believe.

My Initial Reaction:

That’s it?!?!?! Don’t be fooled by the synopsis as I was. This is not a standalone book and ends with a major cliffhanger after taking nearly the whole book to get to the climax.

End Times by Anna Schumacher is the first in a series about well the end of times. Told in limited 3rd person POV and alternating POV between three main characters and a few ancillary characters, I found the storyline hard to follow and the plot dragged out. The book begins with Daphne, a seventeen year old, who is running from her past and runs straight to her uncle and his family in Carbon County, Wyoming. On her arrival strange things begin happening, trumpets sound when she crosses the town border and she strikes oil for her uncle. But that’s only the beginning.

Oh where do I begin?!

It’s so easy to write a review for a book you love and a book you hate, but very hard to write one on a book that you are indifferent to. I’ll break it down for you:

What I liked:
1. The alternating POVs: I love books that give the readers an overall picture and this one does with the different POVs. It alternates mainly between the two main characters, Daphne and Owen, whose individual stories come together about midway through the book. But it also gives us the POVs of Janie (Daphne’s cousin) and her boyfriend Doug (who happens to be the antagonist of this book).
2. The Plot: I liked the premise of the plot, you know doomsday, end of times stuff.
3. The Resolution: The ending, though it is definitely a cliffhanger, still redeemed this book for me. It answered many of the questions that hovered throughout the whole book.

What I didn’t like
1. The characters: I was very apathetic towards the characters. I didn’t feel any real connection with them and to be honest could have cared less what happened to them. Only one instance did I actually feel any emotions towards the characters and that was an event that happens towards the end (so no spoilers!!) with Janie and I’m not sure if I felt something for the characters themselves or the event stirred emotions in me (I’m thinking it was the event that occurred).
2. The plot: So as I already stated I liked the premise, but the execution I did not care for! There was a lot, and I do mean a lot, of build up to the climax and then it was just okay. It was not mind-blowing, or even something that I didn’t predict. I had already guessed, so I found it very anti-climatic, especially after the build-up (which was essentially the entire book, as the climax occurred in the last two chapters).
3. The Resolution: Again, it’s a cliffhanger and I was under the impression that this was a standalone book, so this dislike is all my own and has nothing to do with the book or author. I was just sorely disappointed when I reached the ending and it was not concluded.

Overall I have mixed feelings for this book. Did I like it? Eh, maybe a little. Would I have purchased it on my own? Definitely! The synopsis and cover alone were enough to entice me. Will I keep reading when the next in the series comes out? Yep. Why you ask if I am so indifferent. Well, I’m a little OCD when it comes to books or anything with a cliffhanger. I like to know the ending and after investing a few days into the first book, I will definitely watch for the rest of this series as I think the author has laid a good foundation and the rest of the series should be excellent! If you like YA dystopians, doomsday, and action/suspense/mystery you should give this book a go. You may find you enjoy it!

About Anna Schumacher

Anna Schumacher received an MFA in fiction writing from the New School. An award-winning advertising copywriter by day, she currently oversees ad copy for Hearst Magazines’ twenty-four digital titles. She is recently married and lives in Brooklyn with her husband, Tim, and their two cats, Gus and Alexis. End Times is her first book.

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