Top Ten Tuesday: My Blogging Confessions

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Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope you all had a fabulous holiday weekend (those in the US anyways). We took my son to see fireworks for the first time and it was so awesome. He said over and over again “Wow!” and “Cool!” and with the last big firework “Pretty!”

Today’s feature is hosted by the girls over onย The Broke and the Bookish. It is a weekly topic about books, bookish things, or like today blogging. Because I’m still new to the blogging scene, I will admit that my top ten list is only five today. Ask me again in a year and I will probably have plenty ๐Ÿ™‚

My Blogging Confessions

1. I have a love/hate relationship with review copies. Personally I’m all for getting a free book to read and review. I love to read and it feeds my reader without using any money. However, I feel like those take precedence over my own preference for a next read. I feel pressured to get them read and reviewed before I take time to read for enjoyment.

2. I am a perfectionist.ย In my head, I have the perfect review written for each book, but when I sit down to write the post it disappears. I’ve been known to stay up well past midnight when my husband and child are asleep trying to get the post exactly as it looks in my head. Same goes for the layout of the blog. I’ve spent countless hours perfecting it, and to be completely honest, it still doesn’t look the way it does in my head. ๐Ÿ™‚

3. I am a procrastinator. When I should be writing my reviews or blog posts, I find other things that need attention. Like a new book or laundry or dishes or swimming….I could keep going but you get the picture. It’s even worse when I have an actually date or dead line like for blog tours!

4. I like to stay a week ahead, but it almost never happens.ย I usually wind up writing my blog post into the wee hours of the morning or before breakfast to post by 10am.

5. I sometimes feel like blogging has become a full-time job.ย This all started as an off-the-wall comment from my husband when I started receiving review copies via Goodreads. “You should start a blog.” Well the comment spurred an idea in me and I went with it. My problems lie in I don’t like to do anything only half-way. I either all in or not at all. So going all-in, trying to write a review every day of the week, within a month I had reviewed all the books I had read in the past three or four and I freaked! That’s when I noticed that book blogging doesn’t have to be all about books. Like Top-Ten Tuesday posts, interviews, blog tours, and more. Now I’m comfortably reading and not quite so stressed. Though there are still times that it feels like a full-time job. Especially when I have several review books on my TBR shelf.

What are your blogging confessions or your book confessions? Comment below. I would love to know ๐Ÿ™‚

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