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Review: Your Soul to Take by Sean HaydenYour Soul to Take by Sean Hayden
Series: Rise of the Fallen #2
Published by Untold Press on July 12, 2014
Length: 233 pages
Reviewing eARC Rating:

You know your life sucks when your sister’s a vampire, you’re a demon, and your girlfriend is literally an angel.

How could it possibly be any worse? Try having something ripping the souls out of your friends, ending up with a psychotic stalker, and having romantic urges for your best friend who also happens to be your demon mentor. Nobody ever said life was easy, but things went from bad to worse faster than you can say, “I sold my soul for a bag of Cheetos.”

Just to add insult to injury, the Fallen have decided to give me a new job. While being a Reaper might sound good on a resume, ripping the souls from monsters isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. As a matter of fact, I’m not sure what the Fallen have planned for me. All I do know is if they don’t get my wildly powerful magic under control and teach me how to stay alive when everybody wants to kick my butt…all hell could break loose. Literally.

Your Soul to Take by Sean Hayden is book two of Rise of the Fallen and picks up exactly where book one left off. If you haven’t read book one, stop reading my review now and read book one first!!!!! At the end of book one, Connor kills a vampire he turned, but not before the vampire got to his sister Caelyn. Caelyn is dead or at least everyone thinks she is and is in the morgue. Connor is with her and she wakes up scaring the crap out of him in the process. So now Connor’s sister is a vampire and his girlfriend is going through transition to become a Chosen, or an angel. After Connor’s fight, the elders call him and Clarisse to their city and determine he is to powerful to be a Seeker and they must choose a new path for him. Connor decides to be a Reaper and so his new training begins.

Connor Sullivan is your typical high school teenage boy. He is oblivious to girls who like him, has a very dry sense of humor, loves his family, and happens to be a demon. He is also smarter than he gives himself credit for and will do anything necessary to protect those he cares about. Clarisse is a Fallen, she’s thousands of years old, a Seeker, and has the attitude of a teenage girl. She’s moody, flirty, and I think in love with our Connor. Jess is a bit of a handful this book. In fact, I’m not sure I liked her. She’s a bit catty with Clarisse, has an attitude, and a bit bossy with Connor, though he’s clueless. Caelyn is the biggest surprise this book. In book one she is the bratty little sister. Her near death experience causes her character to transform overnight. She’s sensitive, wants a good relationship with her brother, and goes from the mean girl to a true sister. I really liked her this go around!

The plot this book revolves around Caelyn. She didn’t ask to be a vampire, she was turned against her will, and now someone is trying to kill her. Connor with the help of Clarisse and Darius plan to protect her and find who is responsible. Then you have Jess who is transitioning into a Chosen. Her mood swings are worse than any PMS-prone girl and Connor must keep a watchful eye in case she changes at school. Throw in Shannon, the head cheerleader and a Chosen, who decides she’s in love with Connor and well you have one very busy and confused boy-demon.

The humor of this series has me laughing out loud. It’s dry and very much “guy humor”! I love it! If you enjoy angel mythology, urban fantasy with lots of action/suspense, then I highly recommend this book. I don’t think you will be disappointed. I can guarantee that it is unique and unlike anything you’ve ever read!

About Sean Hayden

Born the son of a fire chief, Sean naturally developed a love of playing with fire. His family and friends quickly found other outlets for his destructive creativity. Writing is his latest endeavor.
Always a fan of the macabre, mythical, and magical, Sean found a love of urban fantasy and horror. After writing several novels in this genre, he found, fell in love with, and immersed himself in steampunk. He has always wanted to rewrite history and steampunk gave him that opportunity.
Sean currently lives in Florida as a fiber-optic engineer as well as an author. He was blessed with the two most amazing children he could ever hope for, has met the absolute love of his life, who coincidentally is his partner in everything. His hobbies include grand designs on world domination as well as a starring role in his own television sitcom.

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