Feature & Follow Friday #4 – One, Two, Three, Four! Let Me See Your Books Roll!

Posted February 5, 2015 by Lillian in Features / 23 Comments

feature&follow-friday-logoFeature & Follow Friday is hosted by Parajunkee @ Parajunkee’s View and Alison @ Alison Can Read. Each week the two hosts post a question for Book Bloggers to answer, provide a link-up, and choose a participant to feature on their blogs. If you participate, the point is to follow others and in return gain followers.

Welcome to this week’s edition of Feature & Follow! I’m Lillian in case you didn’t know that already 😉 I started blogging a year ago and it has been a fun and crazy year! I read pretty much anything that is placed in front of me, I’m a bit of a cover snob, and I tend to gravitate to young adult fiction. Why young adult? Well, it’s usually a cleaner read than adult fiction, there’s plenty of action/suspense, and who can resist a romance about first love?!

My blog features whatever I happen to be in the mood to read. I’ve had some fun interviews with authors and characters and hope to do more in the very near future. Please join me in some bookish adventures. You can follow via Bloglovin or anyway you choose 😀

This week’s questions is: “Do you read more than 1 book at a time, and if so, how, like a certain amount of pages per book before moving on to the next one in the queue?” – Suggested by The Realm of Books

Despite what my “Currently Reading” section suggests, I am a monogamous reader. I only need one book at a time to keep me satisfied. Why only one? Well, I read books fast! I get invested in the characters and the plot. I want to see the story to the finish line. My husband says I’m slightly OCD about books and he’s right. If I start it, I HAVE to finish it. I JUST HAVE TO!

What about you? Do you read more than one book at a time? If so, how do you do it?! I feel like I’m cheating on the book when I try to 😀


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23 responses to “Feature & Follow Friday #4 – One, Two, Three, Four! Let Me See Your Books Roll!

  1. Before blogging, I couldn’t read more than 1 books but these days, I read one review copy and one whatever I choose. One’s usually an ebook or audiobook while the other is a physical copy. For contemporary, a lot of the books I read I can finish in one sitting but if I finish that book, I will immediately start another one. Also, some of the Fantasy books are huge, you can’t possibly read them in one sitting unless you have all the time in the world!

    New follower via Bloglovin’, would appreciate a follow back!
    ~Fari 0:) @ My Little Corner for Books
    Fari @My Little Corner of Books recently posted…Les book de Netgalley! (We’ve established that my Fracais sucks!)My Profile

    • I still haven’t mastered reading more than one at a time, even the big fantasy books. But like I said I read fast and usually finish books within 3 days of starting 🙂 Thanks for the follow!

  2. Haha, if you’re a book monogamist then I’m a book slut and I’m totally not shamed by it at all. lol. I read at least two books at a time, out of necessity really, because I have a lot of review books that I receive both physical and eGalley and then I have a ton of books already on my actual shelves that I need to get through and it’s like the only way for me to keep up. But, if I’m like really and truly invested in a book or a series that has multiples in the series out already and I’m reading it at the time – I’ll just stick with those and read them back to back like crack!

    Happy Reading and Hopping Through! 🙂
    Suz @ A Soul Unsung

    • It started off a little weird for me, but I’m just over halfway now and I’m hooked and having a hard time sitting it down!
      Thanks for the follow 🙂

  3. I usually have two books going, sometimes three. NetGalley, Kindle TBRs and personal want to reads pile up and I end up reading more than one at a time. Fortunately they are in different genres and I keep notes. I’m a mood reader, so I can switch over when one book (or characters in that book) annoy me 🙂

    Old bloglovin follower

    My FF this week
    Marsha recently posted…Feature & Follow #4My Profile

    • I understand that! There’s been times where I’ve given up on a book entirely when a character annoys me only to go back in a month or two and love it 😉

    • I’m trying the different formats out myself right now. One audio and one ebook, but I’ve had the audio going for several weeks now and read prob 4 ebooks during that time 😉 Think I need to stick with only one book at a time.

  4. Oh lordy. You wouldn’t like how I do it then…I don’t think it’s a case of how fast you read (in my free time I could do two books a day if I was allowed) or whether you get ‘invested’ in a novel or not to be honest. I have many different books on the go (at the moment it’s 6) and they’re all for different reading situations. And I take notes on everything I read to review. It doesn’t mean I’m any less “invested”. 🙂

    Regular follower.
    Kate @ If These Books Could Talk recently posted…Feature & Follow #15My Profile

    • That’s a great way to do it! I think instead of invested I should have said obsessed. My hubby claims I love my books more than him at times especially when I get sucked in 😉

  5. I carry my mp3 player at work and listen to audio books all day, but at home I have hard copies and my tablet. So I always have at least 2 books going.
    I followed you on bloglovin’ and GFC

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