FF #7 – Books I Thought I’d Hate

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Welcome to this week’s edition of Feature & Follow! I’m Lillian in case you didn’t know that already 😉 I started blogging a year ago and it has been a fun and crazy year! I read pretty much anything that is placed in front of me, I’m a bit of a cover snob, and I tend to gravitate to young adult fiction. Why young adult? Well, it’s usually a cleaner read than adult fiction, there’s plenty of action/suspense, and who can resist a romance about first love?!

My blog features whatever I happen to be in the mood to read. I’ve had some fun interviews with authors and characters and hope to do more in the very near future. Please join me in some bookish adventures. You can follow via Bloglovin or anyway you choose 😀

This week’s questions is: “Have you ever read a book you thought you’d hate but loved? Or vice versa?” – Suggested by A Great Read

This is a great question!! I’ve had my fair share of books recently that I thought I would hate and wound up loving and vice versa.

Thought I’d hate but loved:

  1. Harry Potter – Yes, I know. Don’t start. But I really thought I’d hate this series and wound up loving it. In fact it’s in my top five favorites of all time 😉
  2. Angelfall by Susan Ee – I’m not big on angel mythology books because it’s just not my thing. But Penryn and Raffe I love them! Can’t get enough. Oh and book three comes out in a little over a month :::squeal:::
  3. Lord of the Rings – I HATED the movies, mainly because it just ended and I didn’t know it was a trilogy. A friend talked me into reading the series when I got in college and I begrudging did (Note: I felt obligated as said friend bought me a copy of the trilogy 😉 ) I LOVED it! And I now enjoy the movies as well.
  4. The Iliad – There is just something that intrigues me about the epic poems and this one especially. It was a required read in college and I fell in love. We didn’t have to read the entire poem but I was so engrossed in the story that I did.

Thought I’d love but hated:

  1. Game of Thrones – I only made it about halfway through the first book and it was torture! I gave up. My husband has read all of them and harps on me that I need to as well. One day honey I will…just for you 😉
  2. Left Behind – I was really excited to read this series. So much so in fact that when I stumbled across the ENTIRE series at a used book sale I bought them ALL. I’ve yet to read past the half way point in the first book 🙁
  3. Wuthering Heights – I’ll admit I have a thing for classic literature and I expected to enjoy this book when it was assigned in college. I HATED it with every fiber of my being! Is there really two more detestable characters in all of literature than Heathcliff and Catherine?!

What books have you been wrong about?


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29 responses to “FF #7 – Books I Thought I’d Hate

  1. I tried reading LoTR when I was a young teen and I just couldn’t get into it. I will try again soon now that I am much older!
    I just got Game of Thrones and I am really hoping that I would enjoy it, I love the show so much 🙂 I also gave Wuthering Heights a go a few years back but urgh I just kept putting it down.

    New follower via Bloglovin’ & Twitter!
    Check out my FF here!
    Ee @ Bursting Books recently posted…Feature & Follow Friday #8My Profile

    • LOTR is one of my favorites but I love fantasy. I never tried reading it when I was younger though. If you give it another try, let me know how you like it. I hope you have better luck than I did with Game of Thrones! I’m going to give it another go at some point 😉

      Thanks for the follows!

    • Exactly! Books are always better than the movie 🙂 LOTR was no different, though I did like the movies better after reading the books 😉
      Thanks for the follow!

  2. Oh, I’m really glad you liked Angelfall – that’s on my TBR list at the moment! I didn’t think I’d like the Harry Potter series either – I remember thinking that i didn’t want to read a book that everyone loved about a boy with a rubbish name (I was six) – but then a few months later my dad bought me the first book to take camping, and I read it four times in a week (I read a lot. Like, A LOT). After that, I was hooked!
    (I’ll be following you on bloglovin by the way 🙂
    Beth x
    Beth recently posted…Feature and Follow| Judging Books by Their CoversMy Profile

    • Oh Beth you’re making me feel really old. Haha! I think I was in 8th or 9th grade when the books started coming out 😉 Angelfall is amazing! I love post-apocalypse type books anyways and this one doesn’t disappoint! Hope you enjoy 🙂 Thanks for the follow!

    • I know but I was in college before I finally read them. Then I binge read all that was published at the time! I’m still not sure I remember my reasoning. Thanks for the follow 😀

    • Once you get past the beginnings where all the characters are introduced and all the new lands are explained it moves fast! Hopefully you’ll like it

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