Review: Collide by Ashley C. Harris

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Review: Collide by Ashley C. HarrisCollide by Ashley C. Harris
Series: Shock Me, #3
on 2015-04-14
Length: 208 pages
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All the rules are about to change...

Donna has managed to live hidden amongst the enemy, keeping her shocking abilities secret with the help of her friends. But now something has come into her town, it’s been lurking outside of her school, and has its eye on hurting everyone, both the good and the bad, and the first one who will be its target is Donna.

Ryan still has no idea who or what Donna really is. His ex-best friend and first crush has transformed into the girl who has been secretly working against him. He believes keeping their lives apart will keep her the most safe, but trouble is about to make every one of their biggest fears, stolen memories, and hidden desires collide.

Will everyone, both friends and foes, crumble together as nothing but mere humans? Or will finally the truth come and save them with a deadly price as new alliances are made and buried feelings are brought to the surface.

Collide by Ashley C. Harris is book three of her Shock Me series and picks up right where we left off in Sparks. **Note unavoidable spoilers ahead. If you haven’t read the first two books of this series, read at your own risk** Donna and Spencer are under attack by the first Biomax soldier, he’s stolen her powers and somehow she has to best him to save herself and Spencer. Randy and Ryan are at the football game in the middle of town when the Biomax soldier shows up with the Electrolyte’s powers and is chasing Donna. Now how will they keep the whole town from finding out their secrets? This addition to the Shock Me series is one intense read from start to finish. All my favorite characters are back and there’s a lot of suspense, lying, and just all around confusion as Donna and her friends hide from the Applegates.

Donna is by far one of my favorite superheroes. She’s witty, smart, and not afraid to protect those she loves. But how far will she have to go? In this book we see just how far she is willing to go and truthfully it breaks my heart. She is willing to die for these people, she’s willing to let a friend’s mind be completely erased of her to save him, and she gives up Cody 😥 It’s just heartbreaking!

Ryan is still my favorite baddie/goodie (does that make sense?!) He loves Donna, it’s no secret except to the clueless Donna. He let them erase her mind of his abilities when they were kids, he’s kept his distance, all in an effort to keep her safe from himself. However when the Biomax soldier appears chasing Donna, the animal side of him takes over and he’s no longer willing to keep his distance. He loves her, he will protect her, and if it’s the last thing he ever does he will save her from the Electrolyte (Note that that means he will be killing the girl he loves….gotta love irony 😉 )

Randy however will always hold my heart 😀 I just him! In this book, Randy’s character really grows into himself. He gets out from under his father’s leash and finds his own cause in….Rebecca. Yep, that’s right. Little shy Rebecca, Donna’s BFF, Paul’s ex, and genius! It’s kinda cute, but maybe I’m reading into things 😉

And then there’s Spencer. Can’t write a review without mentioning him…..I just….I really have no words for him. He risks his life at the end of Spark to save Donna. He has no clue about his real father, though Donna finds out from the Biomax soldier. Then he gets his mind wiped of everything/anything to do with Donna’s abilities. Also Saul (the mind wiper) erases their close bond so when Spencer’s mom suggests a move back to Florida, he goes for it. AND DONNA DOES NOT STOP HIM!!!!! My heart is broken 🙁

The plot of this story really focuses on Donna and keeping her secret from the Applegates who are hot on her trail. There’s a couple of side plots as the Applegates track down the escaped Biomax kids from the NY facility and of course the first Biomax soldier as well. Then there’s David who Donna is trying to figure out. There’s a lot going on in just 200 pages!

Unfortunately because there’s so much going on at times I got a little lost in the story and felt like maybe I had skipped a page or something. Also the head hopping. I kinda like it for this series but at times it’s a little overwhelming. I mean you have the main character Donna, but then there is also Rebecca, David, Randy, Ryan, and Spencer all who get points of view (though Spencer is the exception this book). It can be a bit much, especially during intense scenes that the characters switch POV every few paragraphs!

And the ending!!!!! View Spoiler »

Overall I enjoy this series. I love Donna and her X-men-ish abilities! The Biomax soldiers and the background story that is starting to take shape is just amazing! I can’t wait for more from this world and I’m SO excited the author is releasing a short from Spencer’s POV as he is not in this book very much! I Spencer 😀 If you enjoy young adult, action, adventure, superheroes, and a tiny bit of romance, check out the series! You will not regret that decision 😀

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Final Conclusion: & 1/2



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