Review: Gildemer: The Gift by A. S. Oren

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I received this book via the author, A.S. Oren. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of this review.

Review: Gildemer: The Gift by A. S. OrenGildemer: The Gift by A.S. Oren
Series: The Gates Series 1, #2
Published by Self Publish on 2015-05-24
Length: 43 pages
Reviewing eARC from the author, A.S. Oren

Gabriella Hansforth has been a servant her entire life, paying off a debt she doesn't want, all so her twin sister can receive the education that she herself begged her parents for. Her sister didn’t want to learn the way she did.

After her parents die from a plague, her Nobleman master ships her off to the same school her sister resides at so that she can pay off her family’s debt working there. As one of the lowest servants, she doubts her life will become anything she wants it to be, but at least she has Amon, one of the higher servants, to dream about. A part of her hopes he feels the same way.

Nevertheless, her desire to learn still calls out to her even though she is forbidden to ever receive an education. Her parents made that choice for her. What will happen when she tries to impersonate a student, an act punishable by death without trial?

Set in the world of Gates.

Note: If you haven’t read episode one of this series, there are minor unavoidable spoilers in this review. 

Gildemer: The Gift by A.S. Oren picks up minutes after the end of episode one. Gabby is hurrying back to her life as a servant after a chance encounter with one of the king’s sons in the gardens outside where she was disguised as a student. Prince Koi is waiting for lunch with the other Branch ones, thinking of the mysterious student who dared question his father’s laws and when he can see her again.

So far I’m loving this new serial series by A.S. Oren! It’s wonderful in that each episode is a quick read, yet packed full of action, suspense, and even characters. Despite clocking in at under 50 pages, the characters are fully developed with unique personalities and they really standout, making it easy to remember who is who. This is something that I usually find lacking in other serial series, but not so with The Gates Series 1.

Gabby is an interesting character. She’s a servant, working off her family’s debt. Yet she wants so much more. She wants to learn which is forbidden accept on subjects related to her serving duties. She wants a life outside of the servants quarters (she’s not even allowed outside!). Who can really blame her when she sneaks out under the guise of a student at the end of episode one? Gabby is a free spirit and trapped by society’s laws.

Prince Koi is a character that I’m having a hard time liking. He’s the heir to the throne, believes his father’s laws are good (the Branch system and all). He’s not cruel, in fact he’s the opposite. When he learns that a servant is injured severely and may die, he sends the head physician to care for her. Now this may be a selfish act as to him she is just the servant who makes good bread and he doesn’t want to go back to eating burnt bread, but he still sends the physician. Maybe I’m stretching for reasons to like him….

The world of Gates is so interesting and complex, yet A.S. Oren writes in such a way that it is both believable and the imagery is gorgeous. The characters are all a mixed breed of Humakats. Basically they look like walking talking cats with human characteristics….kinda cool if you ask me. And the Branch system closely resembles a cast system where you really can’t rise out of the cast you are born into.

Overall if you are looking for a quick read, this is it. Gildemer is full of fantasy elements, a bit of drama and suspense, along with the promise of romance. I can’t wait for more 😀

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