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I received this book via the author, Scarlett Dawn. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of this review.

Review: Soar by Scarlett DawnSoar by Scarlett Dawn
Series: Cold Mark,
on 2015-06-20
Length: 104 pages
Reviewing eARC Rating:

New York Times bestselling author, Scarlett Dawn, captures the perfect last installment of The Cold Mark Saga, where trust is earned and love soars…

Braita Valorn is a disaster walking. One mistake after another on the planet Triaz has landed her in trouble time and again. Only Braita’s quick wit has kept her from complete ruin—and her cunning to blackmail the Plumas of the east.

The Plumas of the west own Braita. She is their Soul. But when her ultimate freedom is so close she can taste it, Braita might just ‘own’ them…if her heart doesn’t get in the way.

Or, perhaps, Braita should have followed her heart from the start—to one set of Plumas who are her perfect match.

Will Braita obtain her freedom? Or will she finally accept a life she never asked for?

Perfect….FANTASTIC ending to this series!!!

Soar by Scarlett Dawn is the last book in her Cold Mark series and I’ll be honest I was worried how it would turn out. I was worried it would be rushed, answers to questions would be missing, but above all I was worried I would be disappointed after investing so much time into the series. My worries were unfounded! Soar is fantastic and a great ending to the Cold Mark series 😀

Please Note if you haven’t read any of the prior books there are minor unavoidable spoilers in this review.

Braita Valorn is one of my favorite characters. Yes, she’s a bit naive and doesn’t think beyond her own wishes to be free, but she’s also a force to be reckoned with. She’s strong, courageous and brave. She faces her fears head on and doesn’t bat an eyelash. I love this about her!

And the Plumas….

Oh my!!! I love them 😀 In this last book of the series, Braita finally makes her decision between the Plumas of the East and the Plumas of the West. I can tell you now I wasn’t disappointed with her choice 😉 Both Plumas are unique and have their own appeal so I don’t think I would’ve been disappointed with either choice.

The mysterious Madeline who is mentioned in book three makes a brief appearance in this book and we get a few answers plus a promise of a spin off series!!! I’m so excited for Moon Mark now 😀

Overall this was a great conclusion to the serial series. I adore Braita and all the other characters as well. The world-building is phenomenal and I love learning about the Mian culture. If you enjoy new adult, science fiction, and of course some romance, then I highly recommend this series!!! I promise it won’t disappoint!

Final Conclusion:



This book fulfills #46 on the COYER Summer Scavenger Hunt.

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