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I received this book via Netgalley. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of this review.

Review: The Clouded Sky by Megan CreweThe Clouded Sky by Megan Crewe
Series: , #2
Published by Skyscape on 2015-05-05
Length: 354 pages
Reviewing eARC from Netgalley

When seventeen-year-old Skylar escapes the time-bending Enforcers who secretly control Earth, her troubles have just begun. She and her friend Win take refuge on Win’s home space station with his fellow rebels, but the fate of Skylar’s planet still spins out of her control.

To avoid detection, Skylar poses as the Earthling “pet” of Win’s rival, an arrogant boy named Jule. Homesick and faced with a cool reception from the other rebels, she throws herself into the group’s mission: assembling a weapon to disable Earth’s restrictive time field. Gradually, Skylar’s skill for detail gains respect—even from Jule, who is more vulnerable than he lets on.

Yet challenges spring from every side. Not only must Sky navigate the muddy waters of romance, but suspicions of betrayal grow among the rebels as their work narrowly misses sabotage.

In the latest in Megan Crewe’s Earth & Sky series, can Skylar expose the traitor before time runs out and Earth is destroyed?

Initial Reaction:

What the….how could….what do I do until the next book?!?!

Note: If you’ve not read book one of , there are minor unavoidable spoilers in this review. Also if you are reading this in email or an rss reader please go to the website so you have the option to click on spoiler tags.

The Clouded Sky by Megan Crewe picks up literally like thirty minutes after the end of Earth & SkySkylar is with Win on an alien ship on her way to the space station Win’s people call home. Skylar’s mission is to help the rebel group put a weapon together and save Earth. Can they do it in time?

It’s no secret that I didn’t care for the first book in . However the ending of Earth & Sky hooked me and I felt I HAD to read the next book and get some answers. There were major plot twists at the end that affected my feelings towards the whole book. Honestly, the author pulled the rug out from under me and I was in shock. So I did what I do best, I picked up this book and binge read. AND I was not disappointed 😀

Sky is a stronger character this time around. She’s gotten some answers, the panic attacks that plagued her on Earth don’t plague her on the space station, and she’s more secure with her decisions and actions. She stands up for herself and she’s not afraid to fight because it means she will save those she loves and ALL of Earth IF (and that’s a very big if) she succeeds.

It’s decided before they arrive at the space station that Sky will pretend to be a “pet” of Jule, one of the boys that is a part of the rebellion with Win. Jule however is arrogant, rude and just flat-out mean at times to Win in book one and we see some of that in book two. BUT Jule turns out to be this handsome guy with a lot of secrets and a vulnerable side that he only reveals to Sky. Can I just be real for a minute? I fell in love with Jule! I’m not big into changing ships in the middle of a series, I’m usually one to stick with one person from the beginning, but Jule is just perfect View Spoiler »

Where book one jumped through time and the characters visited multiple places throughout the course of the book, this book takes place almost entirely on the space station. It’s a bit slower paced than the first, but this wasn’t a bad thing. On the contrary, it gave the author a chance to build up this fantastic world and the characters. The plot revolved around Sky and the rebellion that was taking place to save Earth from Kemya. There was a lot of action, suspense, quite a bit of romance, and some betrayal. While I could predict some of it the ending I was not ready for in any way, shape, or form!

If you enjoy young adult, science fiction I highly recommend you check out this series. I couldn’t set it down!

Final Conclusion:


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