Review: Through Glass Episode 7 by Rebecca Ethington

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Review: Through Glass Episode 7 by Rebecca EthingtonThrough Glass - Episode 7 by Rebecca Ethington
Series: Through Glass,
Published by Imdalind Press on 2015-06-12
Length: 62 pages
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It seemed so simple before, pulling the trigger, letting the bullet, the beam of light loose from the gun. Letting it slide through the air toward the monster that I stood before, the monster that I had been hunting, the monster that had hunted me.
Except this was more than a monster, more than one of the many demons that had taken over our world.
This was a child.
A child that I had tried to save.
A child that I had failed.
I should save him, save him through death.
Save him through freedom.
I just needed to pull the trigger.

The Through Glass Novella Series continues with the Seventh episode in this dark and twisted tale that has been called “Fantastically Dark and Hauntingly Twisted" by Dark Reads

Hmmm…where to start? Through Glass – Episode 7 by Rebecca Ethington is the next installment in the Through Glass serial series, a very dark and twisted tale about a girl and the day the sky went dark. Picking up where the last episode left off (last year!!!), Lex and Travis are in the house with the two children they found. Except they are no longer JUST children. Please note that if you haven’t read this series there are spoilers in this review to prior episodes!!!! All of the suspicions that Travis has had about the Tar is confirmed with these kids. Not only was I shocked but horrified at the outcome and then suddenly I understood Travis’s fear for Lex….she’s turning and it will be soon!

Ummm….first off I love this author and this series has its nails sunk into me, but I’ll be honest I felt a little short-changed with this episode. Like with episode six, there were more questions than answers, more filler, less plot moving. Lex and Travis are still at the kids’ house. The side story with Bridget and the very much explosive ending in episode six isn’t even touched on in this one! Needless to say I was disappointed with that.

That being said there were some great revelations in this episode by Lex. She starts realizing that Travis’s fears are right and she begins to worry about her ownself. View Spoiler » All these questions whirl through Lex’s head as she sits in the darkness of the house.

Honestly as far as suspense goes, I think this episode ranks up there with the first and second when the Tar first arrived. I was on the edge of my seat, unable to stop reading from sheer horror and curiosity. I’m curious to see where the series is going and I’m more than a little worried about Lex. Also I have so many questions!!! Why are the Tar here? Where is Cohen? What will happen to Bridget and her discovery? Will Travis kill Lex if she turns?

Episode 8 can’t get here fast enough!!! I highly recommend this series to anyone that enjoys a good scare, young adult fiction, and serial series.

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