Review: The Thirteenth World by A.N. Willis

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I received this book via Netgalley. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of this review.

Review: The Thirteenth World by A.N. WillisThe Thirteenth World by A.N. Willis
Series: The Corridor,
Published by Alloy Entertainment on 2015-09-29
Length: 222 pages
Reviewing eARC from Netgalley

Time is running out for Stel Alaster. The Corridor, the only portal between First and Second Earth, is failing and the barriers between all twelve worlds are thinning. Using her unique ability to travel through the multiverse, Stel sets out to save the Corridor . . . and ends up discovering a mysterious new world.

In the sequel to The Corridor, will the thirteenth world hold the key to the Corridor’s secrets? Or will the portal implode and take every last universe down with it?

The Thirteenth World by A.N. Willis is the exploding conclusion to The Corridor duology. I’ll admit I was slightly disappointed that this wasn’t a trilogy. I felt that some aspects of series were rushed due to only having two books. BUT overall I really enjoyed them both. Trust me this book doesn’t suffer from second book syndrome.

Stel Alaster starts the book very broken. The last time we saw her View Spoiler » Stel is a remarkably strong character and goes through quite a transformation from the first book to this one. She was mild, invisible, and afraid of her portal. In this book, she’s done a 180! Stel is confident in her powers and her ability to assist, she’s not afraid to stick up for what she feels is right, and she WILL fight for her home and friends.

The plot really revolves around the Corridor itself, the possible destruction it can cause, and how to close it. Everything and everyone relies on Stel and her powers. It’s a lot of pressure for her, understandably. The world-building though is really the heart of this series. There’s just enough plausibility in this world to make you ask “what if.” The author does a wonderful job of tying up the loose ends of the series, leaving you with very few questions but wanting more 😉

Overall I really enjoyed this book and series! Stel is a phenomenal character and the world is chaotic and suspenseful. My only real complaint is that the secondary characters felt flat. They didn’t have much of a personality which left no spark for the love interest…at least for me. If you enjoy young adult, science fiction, fantasy, and a touch of romance, this book is for you.

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