Sunday Post #63 – The Cough That Became Asthma

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Happy Sunday everyone! This last week was a whirlwind. If you’ve followed the blog for any length of time, you may have noticed me mention little man having a cold or not feeling well or allergies. Well friends on Monday night, little man had a full blown asthma attack, scaring both myself and husband (a former nurse and doctor, respectively). He started coughing and just didn’t stop, like he couldn’t catch his breath. Now this cough wasn’t continuous. He’d cough for a few minutes, then stop for a minute, then start up again. After a couple hours of this and trying different things we knew to work, we started debating ER. Trust me for me to suggest a trip to the ER it’s big.

Long story short, little man finally fell asleep and didn’t cough as much. I slept with him and took him straight to his doctor the next morning. X-rays and a few breathing treatments later we got our diagnosis: asthma. Now that we have an answer for the cough that just wouldn’t go away I feel a bit stupid. Looking back at all the times he had a really bad cough, the sleepless nights where he was up and down all night despite over-the-counter cold medicine, things I blames on allergies….if I’d just done something sooner….oh well! At least we know now AND the inhaler works, little man doesn’t fight it and he’s slept though the night every night Wednesday.

Reading wise, I didn’t get much reading done. My mind has been on a hundred and one different things that I need to do, need to clean, need to check…you get the idea. I did manage to read the second book in Anne Bishop’s series The Others and one review book as well.

Did you do anything fun this week? Read any good books?

Currently Reading

I’ll be honest a sec….I’m writing this post on Saturday morning. I’m currently reading The Shadow Queen by CJ Redwine and have no doubt that I’ll finish it before this post goes live on Sunday SO my next read is That Girl, Darcy by James Ramos. It’s a twist on the classic Pride and Prejudice which y’all know I love! I have high hopes for it ?

Last Week on the Blog

Coming Up this Week

  • The Express Lady’s Rider by Stacy Henrie – blog tour, review
  • Digital Horizon by Sherry D. Ficklin – book blitz
  • Top Ten Tuesday | “Valentine’s Day is next week…let’s do a Valentine’s Day themed freebie!” via the Broke and the Bookish
  • Murder of Crows by Anne Bishop – review
  • Imdalind by Rebecca Ethington – series review
  • Pimpernel by Sheralyn Pratt – blog tour, spotlight
  • Weekend Reads | The Shadow Queen by CJ Redwine – review
  • In All My Wishes by Ciara Knight – book blitz

This Week’s Book Fix

Falcon Song by Kristin Cross (Kindle Freebie)

Stolen Empire Box Set by Sherry D. Ficklin (eBook Purchase)

Infectious by Elizabeth Forkey (Kindle Freebie)

The Key by Jennifer Anne Davis (Kindle Freebie)

Once Upon a Dream by Liz Braswell (eARC via Disney Press)

What are you reading this week?

Well they are calling for us to get more snow again this week, starting tomorrow. Not sure yet just how much we’ll get but I’m thinking we’ll be stuck in doors again. I plan to do some serious reading, catching up on a few review copies for February. What are you doing this week?

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5 responses to “Sunday Post #63 – The Cough That Became Asthma

  1. I was just told my son has Asthma but not full, only when he gets sick he is prone to get it. Scary. I am glad you are able to figure it out and get treatment, inhalers are a great thing.

    Hope this week is a better one for you! Enjoy your new books! Happy Reading, Lillian! ox

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