Sunday Post #66 – Trouble at School

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Happy Sunday everyone! I am SO glad this week is over. Little man has had a rough week. He used to love school but now not so much. You see his teacher quit at Christmas and the assistants who are only there two days each are his primary teachers. So basically he has a different teacher every other day. My son is a creature of habit and when his routine is broken he just doesn’t understand and so he acts out. Well, we’ve had notes home a couple times this week “Liam had trouble focusing on his work” or “Liam wouldn’t follow directions” and three times in the last week he’s got in the car and started crying. Not a mad cry but a “my feelings are hurt” cry. It’s heartbreaking!

Now I’m not excusing his behavior. He needs to learn to adapt, but I want to know what else may be going on. One day all he could tell me was that he couldn’t finish his puzzle and that was why he was in trouble. So a little background is needed to understand this. He’s slightly OCD (not diagnosed, but does have tendencies to the point that his doctor put us through autism screening) and when he is working on something it has to be finished before he can move on to something else. We’ve been working with him at home so I hope this will get better in the future. Does anyone have any tips for me?

Other than that it’s been a great week. I’ve been binge reading and just finished my 6th book of the week last night 😀 So yeah it’s been good! What have you read this week?

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I started this ARC last night and so far it is really good. It’s my first time reading Wendy Higgins. I think I need to go back and read her other series now! Love high fantasy with a touch of romance, plus this one was some action too.

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What are you reading this week?

I’m hoping for a better week for little man this week. I can bear him coming home crying any more! It’s pitiful! Other than that we have no special plans this week.

Reading wise I have a few ARCs to catch up on and then the TBR challenge starts on Tuesday! I have a whole slew of books to chose from and I cannot wait to get started. Speaking of challenges, #COYER ends on Friday. It’s such a fun challenge and really I’ve done well. I’ll update next week.

What are your plans this week? Anything special?

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5 responses to “Sunday Post #66 – Trouble at School

  1. Did you try speaking with the Principal? Little ones need solid routine and if each teacher is different it can really put them in an uncomfortable place since the teacher might not be familiar with how he works. Since he doesn’t have one teacher it’s hard to talk to them about him needing to complete something before moving on. We use a timer for my son which helps him know when he has to transition to another activity. This works great for bed time. I say 10 minutes and set the alarm when it goes off he know to brush his teeth and get in bed. Maybe they can do that for him so he isn’t so frustrated when he is unable to finish.

    You got lots of good books this week, I haven’t really been searching but I think I might be missing out on a lot lol.

    Have a great week, Lillian! Happy Reading! ox
    Michelle@Because Reading recently posted…Congratulations, it’s a slump ~ WIR & TSPMy Profile

    • Thanks Michelle! I haven’t yet. This just started this week so I’m going to see how he does this week before we move to that. I use a timer on my phone at home and it works great. I may suggest that if it continues. Have a great week!

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