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Children's Corner

This past month has been exciting for little man. He’s learning sight words at school and has really picked up on them. It makes me a little sad but SO proud to see how quickly he is picking them up. He’s reading fairly well too considering he just turned 5 (can you tell I’m a proud mama?!). He has also picked up my book addiction ๐Ÿ˜€ The school sent home a Scholastic Book Club order form. I made the mistake of giving him a pen and telling him to circle the books he’d like to read this summer….30 so books later, I narrowed his selection down to a couple of chapter books to read at night, some phonics books, and early readers. Hopefully he’s not too disappointed ?

We finished our library copy ofย The Wizard of Ozย last week. I’m surprised at how much little man enjoyed it. In fact that was why I included a few chapter books in his order. He was telling his daddy (who just got home from a business trip) all about the wizard and how Dorothy melted the witch. It was amazing to me at how much he retained when I didn’t think he was paying attention. Now we’ve started one of my favorites Eric Knight’sย Lassie Come-Home.ย We’re only about 4 chapters in but he seems to be enjoying it. He likes when I do the voices, which I’m sorry to say my British accent is terrible!!!!

I received this book via the publisher, Knopf Books for Young Readers. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of this review.

Children’s Corner – I Won a What?I Won a What? by Audrey Vernick
Illustrator: Robert Neubecker
Published by Knopf Books for Young Readers on 2016-04-12
Length: 40 pages
Reviewing Hardcover Rating:

The hilarious and heartwarming story of a boy who tries to win a goldfish and winds up with FAR more than he bargained for. Fans of Sparky will flip for this whale of a tale!

I have to win this goldfish.

My parents wonโ€™t let me have anything fluffy. Or shaggy. Or feathery. Or that eats mice.

But finally, tonight, they say I can keep anything I win at the goldfish booth.

And I win!

Just not a goldfish.

I winโ€ฆ


I Won a What?ย by Audrey Vernick is a fun story about a boy who wants a pet but his parents say no that is until he thinks he won a goldfish at the carnival. Instead he won Nuncio the whale. The boy learns how to care for his whale and make him an integral part of the family. As I said…cute and fun!


I personally have always loved picture books because images bring the story to life. Neubecker has done that with this book! I was astounded at the little details, like parents’ frustrations or the whale eating and there being leftovers in the pool. It’s these small details that my son picks out, asks questions about and while he is still learning to recognize words and read on his own, the pictures help him tell the story. I loved this because at five my son picks up this book and “reads” it to me….it’s possible he may already have it memorized. It’s become a quick favorite of ours ๐Ÿ˜€

Final Conclusion:

About Audrey Vernick

Audrey Vernick writes fiction and nonfiction for kids and teens. A two-time recipient of the New Jersey Arts Council's fiction fellowship, Audrey lives near the ocean with her husband, son, daughter, and two dogs.

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2 responses to “Children’s Corner – I Won a What?

  1. I’m thrilled for you – it is SUCH a relief when your child’s reading takes off without any hitches. Sadly, my granddaughter is severely dyslexic and is just about to go to ‘big school’. She has worked so very hard to get where she is, but still needs a lot of support – and we’re not sure if she will get it with the new regime. Particularly as she is one of the quiet, well behaved children who struggles on as best she can without creating any scenes… Oh well. But I’m always very glad to hear of youngsters who manage to cope with the challenge of learning to reading without any major problems.

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