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I received this book via Netgalley. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of this review.

Review: Taste by Juliet MadisonTaste by Juliet Madison
Series: The Delta Girls,
Published by Diversion Books on 2016-04-12
Length: 230 pages
Reviewing eARC from Netgalley

The heat gets turned up on the Delcarta sisters when they have a mystery in the kitchen, one that puts each of them in mortal danger.

Tamara is smitten with neighbor Leo Pearce, and not only because he can cook like the chefs on television, and gets her a job as kitchen hand at the restaurant where he works. His dark intensity is alluring and he begins mentoring her in his own time, sharing their mutual passion for food and assisting her in preparations for a local amateur cooking competition. But is Leo as he seems?

Tamara's new friend, Emilia, advises her to be cautious about his troubled past and mood swings. Tamara is also worried that her chance at romance will be ruined when Leo discovers the secret of The Delta Girls.

But more serious matters may force her to put aside her personal concerns and do what s right, when the premonitions she shares with her sisters reveal that someone is in danger of being poisoned. As a special event at the restaurant nears, The Delta Girls will have to put their sensory clues together to figure out who is in danger, who is responsible, and how to stop it. But their mission proves more complicated than they thought when a catastrophic turn of events may require them to save more lives than just one.

Taste by Juliet Madison is the 4th installment of The Delta Girls series which gets better with each book! This time the focus is on Tamara, the sister with the psychic sense of taste (hence the title). Tamara is introverted, has a huge crush on Riley’s older brother Leo, and aspires to be a chef. In the previous books she’s been the one always in the kitchen, always eating, but never really had much of a role so I was excited to read her story in the series.

Tamara is the younger of the twins. At 17 she knows what she wants in her life. She wants to be a chef, possibly have her own cooking show. However as she watches her younger sisters, the triplets, she finds herself longing to have a relationship too and more than just the one sided relationship she currently has of looking out the window at her hunky neighbor. I really related to Tamara. She struggles with her psychic sense, which I get. I mean who wants to taste the future?! Yuck!!!

When Savannah videos Tamara in the kitchen and posts it to Facebook, Leo notices and invites Tamara to apply for a position as a kitchen hand at the same restaurant he’s a chef in. Of course she jumps on the opportunity….who wouldn’t?! Getting to work with your crush AND in a kitchen….yes please!!! Leo is introverted like Tamara. He and his brother have experienced loss and grief. Tamara finds a like soul in Leo. And Leo finally has a way to spend time with the lovely Delcarta sister.

The plot revolves around a string of thefts in their small seaside town. While the girls do not sense anything about the thefts, they are plagued with people dying and the news gives them the clues about a string of poisonings at restaurants. In addition to this there is still the mystery about their father’s death which has spanned the entire series. The girls are no closer to an answer than they were in the last book, which for them is frustrating. Tamara hides her feelings from her sisters well but not Leo. I love their relationship! It’s sweet and albeit predictable, but totally swoon-worthy.

Overall I really enjoyed this installment to The Delta Girls. In fact I read it in one sitting, staying up till 3am to do so. If you enjoy mystery and crime stories with a twist of the paranormal and a touch of romance, I highly recommend the series!

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About Juliet Madison

Juliet Madison is a naturopath-turned-author with a background in dance, art, internet marketing, and perfume sales (yes, she was one of those annoying people in department stores who spray you with perfume). Nowadays she prefers to indulge her propensity for multiple careers by living vicariously through her characters. She likes to put those characters into extraordinary situations and take them on a challenging journey to discover their true passion and inner strength, weaving in some laughs, tears, romance, and sometimes a touch of magic along the way.

Living near the beach on the beautiful south coast of New South Wales, Australia, Juliet spends as much time as possible writing and coming up with new ideas, while doing her best to avoid housework.
Juliet is a proud member and volunteer with The Romance Writers of Australia and she loves to interact online with readers and writers via twitter (@Juliet_Madison), and facebook ( She can be contacted through her website at where readers can also download some free short stories.


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