Sunday Post #74 – Reading Binge

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Happy Sunday everyone! This was a long week. Little man was sick for part of it (just the sniffles, but he was miserable) so I got some cuddle time in. Cuddle time is few and far between with this five year old little boy. So I treasured it and took advantage.

On Tuesday we had someone come and give us a quote on what it would cost to move us, just move, not do the packing. They gave us an estimate of $4500. You could hear my laughter from miles away. We don’t have much furniture. I’ll probably not even have many boxes, as I’m donating a lot of things before we move. He told me it was based off mileage and the estimated time to load/unload the truck at (and I quote) $1.60 per pound PLUS 13% added at the end AND it was a soft quote, meaning that if it took longer or the weight was more it would go up. I told him thank you but no. I mean we’re talking a day move, probably 10 hours at most and only 2 guys. I mean you figure it up. I can get a truck for around $300 plus another $50-100 in gas, that leaves $4100 divided between two guys. That means they’d be making roughly $200 dollars an hour!!!! Am I wrong? Is this really how much it should cost?

I was able to get a lot of reading in. I read 8 books this week…I think that’s a new record for me. While a few of them I didn’t enjoy, the rest were really good. I managed to read the second book in The Mortal Instruments series. It’s taking everything I have to not devour the series. I’m trying to read it slowly and enjoy it.

What did you read this week?

Currently Reading

I started Raye Wagner’s Curse of the Sphinx series this weekend which is a mix of paranormal romance and urban fantasy and mythology. I devoured the first book. I’ll be honest I wasn’t sure I’d care for it at first as I don’t care for young adult books set in high school/contemporary type settings. But this one worked! I’m also still reading Ashfall by Mike Mullins. I should finish it this week with the group read-along. It is fantastic! I love dystopians but this story isn’t about fighting back, it’s only about survival and what it takes. Super suspenseful, heart-breaking and just a fantastic read!

Last Week on the Blog

Coming Up this Week

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This Week’s Book Fix

The Dragon Heart series by L.L. Hunter (eARC of series via Lady Amber’s Book Tours)

Burn by L.L. Hunter (eARC via Lady Amber’s Book Tours)

Curse of the Sphinx series by Raye Wagner (eARC via Lady Amber Book Tours)

Origin of the Sphinx by Raye Wagner (eBook via KOLL) 

The Legacy of Kilkenny Saga by Devyn Dawson (Kindle Freebie and Series Sale)

My Clarity by M.Clarke/Mary Ting (Kindle Freebie)

Last Resort by Jill Sanders (Kindle Freebie)

Awaken by Sarah M. Ross (Kindle Freebie)

Emerge: The Awakening by Melissa A. Craven (Kindle Freebie)

In All My Years by Ciara Knight (eARC via Lady Amber’s Book Tours)

What are you reading this week?

This week I plan to continue slowly packing. I’ve about used all the boxes I had the other day. I also plan to purge our third bedroom/office/catch all. A lot of things in that room are going to be donated. Then I have some decisions to make on our baby furniture. We’ve held on to it for 5 years now (a swing, crib, changing table, bassinet, the works) because we know we want more babies, but it hasn’t happened yet. We also knew we couldn’t afford to replace any of it if we did get pregnant. Now however with my husband’s new job, we’ll be able to replace anything we might need. Rather than move it again, we’ve been debating donating it all so someone who needs it now can use it. Thoughts?

Reading wise I have a few (well more than a few) ARCs to catch up on, plus a couple of library books that are due back. SO I haven’t decided what I’ll be reading yet this week.

What are your plans? Anything special? Comment below!

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2 responses to “Sunday Post #74 – Reading Binge

  1. WOW that’s a lot of money to move you guys! That’s even more than it would cost here in Switzerland – where freaking everything is more expensive than it is anywhere else! I’d rent a truck and do it myself, too if I were you. Think of all the books you could add to the shelves in your new house for that kind of money 😉
    It’s hard to give up on baby furniture… and at the same time, I’m sure someone would be so happy to receive what you have and don’t need right now. Difficult decision for sure.
    Your new books look fantastic, Lillian, and I hope you’ll enjoy them all.
    Have a wonderful week ahead and happy reading.
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