Top Ten Tuesday #85 – Must See Gilmore Girls Episodes

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Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish. This feature was created because they are particularly fond of lists at The Broke and the Bookish. They’d love to share their lists with other bookish folks and would LOVE to see your top ten lists!

This week’s topic is “FREEBIE WEEK – do one you missed,” so I decided to just make my own topic this week rather than search through past topics. Over the last month and a half, my husband and I have binged on Gilmore Girls in prep for the revival which will hopefully *fingers crossed* come out later this year. We finished the series last week (this is our third, maybe fourth time watching it all the way through) so I thought I’d list my top ten favorite episodes/moments in the Gilmore Girls series.

S1E1: The Pilot

Not many shows get the pilot episode right, but Gilmore Girls did! The dialogue is witty, the characters are memorable, and I was immediately drawn into the storyline. The story is truly about a mother and daughter trying to make a mark in their world. And they do. I love the first scene with Lorelai and Sookie / Rory and Lane. The friendship is real and honest. I love it!

The pilot episode even introduces the fan base to Lorelai’s parents and her relationship with them. It is what makes the series and the demands they make of her when she asks for help to pay for Chilton. The first time I ever watched the show I felt for Lorelai, thought she was given an raw deal. BUT in rewatching the series, I hurt for Emily and Richard who lost their daughter and granddaughter because of their pride.

S1E21: Love, Daisies and Troubadours

Daisies everywhere, a jealous Luke, and a goodbye to Rachel. I seriously loved this episode (and I’m not the only one). Personally I love Max. (Taking Luke out of the picture) Max is my pick for Lorelai. He goes above and beyond in his proposal and I was just smitten. His proposal also forces Luke to reevaluate his own feelings for his coffee-loving friend, especially when his girlfriend takes notice.

I think the reason this is one of my favorites is Luke’s realization that he may be too late for Lorelai.

S2E10: The Bracebridge Dinner

This episode is just magical. The town is blanketed in snow, the inn is hosting a historical themed dinner and the guests are the town. Even humbug Luke shows up with his nephew. Jess is one of my favorites from the series. He challenges Rory and pushes her out of her comfort zone. And his attraction to the youngest Gilmore girl is apparent.

I love this episode because it shows Emily and Richard interacting with Lorelai and Rory on their home turf. Emily and Richard are invited to spend the dinner with the rest of Stars Hollow and they find themselves charmed just as Lorelai was. Also the sleigh rides

S2E17: Dead Uncles and Vegetables

In this episode, Luke’s antisocial, hermit of an uncle dies and none of his family plan to come out, leaving Luke to plan the whole funeral. Lorelai and Rory come to his rescue, working in the diner, helping with funeral arrangements, and just simply being there.

The reason I love this episode is that it proves just how close knit the town of Stars Hollow is. The reenactment guys (who hated Luke’s uncle) show up at the funeral for the tribute and the whole town is at Luke’s Diner for a wake after, easing some of Luke’s grief. I just loved the camaraderie and friendship it shows.

S3E13: Dear Emily and Richard

Sherry goes into labor and Rory is the only one there so of course Lorelai comes to the rescue. This episode is mixture of present and flashbacks. In the flashbacks, Lorelai remembers at 16 what it was like to find out she was pregnant and the day Rory was born.

Up to this point in the series, it is just hinted at what happened between Lorelai and her parents. In this episode we see what happens. The fallout between Lorelai and Richard and Emily, what it was like when she realized she was pregnant, how her parents were planning her life without her, and the night she went into labor and she was by herself. It’s a bit of a tear-jerker IMHO.

S4E22: Raincoats and Recipes

This episode I cannot express how much I LOVE this episode. After 4 whole seasons of the show, Luke finally makes his move with Lorelai. In the two previous episodes, Luke slowly makes his move. Nothing is fast with this man! And at the beginning of this one, Lorelai is confused. Is it a date or are they just friends? Luke confirms it’s a date and well Lorelai does the girly thing, which I found completely adorable. She’s all giggly and happy. And FINALLY *spoiler alert* they kiss!!!

S5E3: Written in the Stars

Luke and Lorelai have their first official date which was full of swoon-worthy moments and made me fall in love with Luke even more! I could watch this episode over and over again for this quote:

Lorelai: I was just trying to remember the first time we met. It must have been at Luke’s, right?

Luke: It was at Luke’s, it was at lunch, it was a very busy day. The place was packed. And this person…

Lorelai: Oh, is it me? Is it me?

Luke: This person comes tearing into the place, in a caffeine frenzy…

Lorelai: Ooh, it’s me!

Luke: I’m with a customer, she interrupts me, wild-eyed, begging for coffee. So I tell her to wait her turn. Then she starts following me around, talking a mile a minute, saying God knows what. Finally I turn to her, and tell her she’s being annoying. Sit down, shut up, and I’ll get to her when I get to her.

Lorelai: You know, I bet she took that very well, ’cause she sounds just delightful…

Luke: She asked me my birthday. I wouldn’t tell her, she wouldn’t stop talking, finally I gave in. I told her my birthday. She went and got the newspaper, opened it up to the horoscopes page, wrote something down, tore it out, handed it to me. So I was looking at this piece of paper in my hand, and under Scorpio, she had written You will meet an annoying woman. Give her coffee, and she’ll go away. So I gave her coffee.

Lorelai: But she didn’t go away!

Luke: She told me to hold onto that horoscope, put it in my wallet, and one day it would bring me luck.

Lorelai: Boy, I will say anything for a cup of coffee! I can’t believe you kept this. You kept this in your wallet? You kept this in your wallet…

Luke: Eight years.

Lorelai: Eight years…

Oh! This is also Logan’s first episode. I’m totally shipping him in the revival. And if Rory doesn’t chose him, I hope it’s a new guy not one of the past boyfriends.

S5E7: You Jump, I Jump, Jack

Rory finds herself blindfolded and handed the story of a lifetime by the annoying, rich boy Logan. He takes her on one of the Life and Death Brigade’s adventures and she has the time of her life. I think this is when I fell for Logan. Not only does he push her out of her comfort zone like Jess did and care for her as Dean did, he challenges her intellectually as well.

This is just a fun episode which is why it is my favorite.

S5E13: Wedding Bell Blues

This episode may surprise people that I put it as a favorite as it is the beginning of the end of Luke and Lorelai’s relationship but I do love this episode. Lorelai loves Luke, this much is obvious, but his jealousy of Christopher rears its ugly head when a drunk Christopher tells Luke that he is “temporary.” An angry Luke then throws in Christopher’s face all the times he wasn’t there and Luke was for Rory. The way Luke loves not just Lorelai but her daughter endears him to me. He is there for both of them and loves them both. You couldn’t ask for a better guy! Oh and Rory finally crosses the line and kisses Logan. That is a major plus 😀

S7E22: Bon Voyage

The series finale is a bittersweet episode. Rory has graduated from Yale and accepted a job for an internet magazine following the Obama campaign. Everyone wants to send her off in style, but it’s Luke who makes it happen. The whole town throws a party in celebration of her and to tell her bye. And like the pilot, the show ends with the girls having coffee one last time at Luke’s.

Are you a Gilmore fan? What’s your favorite episode?

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8 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday #85 – Must See Gilmore Girls Episodes

  1. Ahhh, I LOVE Gilmore Girls and your list has tons of my favorite episodes on it. I also love the one where Rory finally chooses what university she will attend and the ones where Sookie and Jackson move past the friend zone. They’re just so cute. Can’t wait to watch the revival on Netflix!

  2. Jo

    I love all of these too! My personal favourite episode is They Shoot Gilmores Don’t They?, I love the costumes and the dance marathon is my favourite Stars Hollow event!
    Jo recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday #63My Profile

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