Weekend Reads #72 – The After Light Saga by Cameo Renae

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Weekend Reads

This week I’ve been binge reading Cameo Renae‘s The After Light Saga and enjoying every minute of it! I’ve previously reviewed book one, ARV-3, on the blog and thought I’d share books two and three today. I’m currently reading book 4, Hostile, and will share it with you all next week 😀 If you enjoy dystopian, you need to read this series!

Weekend Reads #72 – The After Light Saga by Cameo RenaeSanctum by Cameo Renae
Series: The After Light Saga #2
Published by CHBB on 2014-06-23
Length: 206 pages
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The Arvy threat worsens each day. They continue to destroy the hives vital fuel resources, leaving us with one option—evacuate to the largest government bunker, located in South Dakota.

The injured hive members are moved as first priority, but a disastrous even occurs on the way to our drop-off zone. We find ourselves in a ghost town, surrounded by spiteful, revenge-filled Arvies. Chaos ensues and our death toll rises. Just when we think the end has come, unsuspected help arrives. We are rescued and brought to an underground bunker.

They call it Sanctum.

With no way of reaching outside help, we must depend on each other to reach our pick-up zone, thirty miles away. If we don’t make it in time, we will be left for dead.

Time is ticking.

My name is Abigail Park. I am a survivor.

Sanctum by Cameo Renae picks up right where book one left off. After surviving an Arvy attack, Finn and Abi are recuperating in the government bunker’s medical wing. A mass evacuation is planned as an army of Arvies start taking out fuel stations and surrounding the bunker. They are heading for the larger bunker in the foothills of the Black Mountains. The medical wing is evacuated on the first helicopter, and Abi and Finn are on it. When the mechanical system fails short of their destination, Abi, Finn and the other survivors must find a way to survive 30 miles in the desert heat and reach the drop-off point if they have any hope of seeing their families again.

I really adore Abi and Finn! Abi is hardcore. She’s tough for a seventeen year old. She was trained to survive and fight and that is just what she does. Finn is her constant and grounds her. When she feels the strain of their situation, he shoulders the burden with her. You know it’s always a little unbelievable for me when there is a young romance like this, a soulmate type romance, but the circumstances surrounding Abi and Finn’s lives makes it realistic. They have always only had each other and their parents, no one else. They rely on each other, always have each other’s backs, and the love they have for each other is pure. I love them!

In Sanctum, Abi and Finn have to rely on each other again to survive and this time they have others they do not know to help. Their helicopter crashes about 15 miles outside a remote town. A town means shelter from the desert heat, but it also means Arvies. When they arrive in the town, they find other survivors and a means to make their drop-off point. The trade-off: help the survivors rid their town of Arvies. I have to say I’ve enjoyed the world-building and sense of camaraderie that Renae brings to each of these books. I love Abi and Finn but the other characters are just as important.

Overall I really enjoyed this installment to the series. The world-building is mostly done, so the characters drive this novel. Abi and Finn’s situation and their love for one another is beautiful to read. I love survivor stories and this is that! There’s a ton of action, some suspense, and a touch of passion. If you enjoy dystopia, clean young adult, you need to add this book to your TBR.

Final Conclusion:

Weekend Reads #72 – The After Light Saga by Cameo RenaeIntransigent by Cameo Renae
Series: The After Light Saga #3
Published by CHBB on 2015-06-15
Length: 186 pages
Reviewing eBook from My Book Shelf

Arriving at the new government bunker, things quickly go from bad to worse. I am separated from Finn and my family because of my ability to connect with Arvies through telepathy. Housed with three other Readers—and kept away from the general population—we are given serum injections in effort to enhance our thought transference. The end goal? Thought manipulation.

We are considered humanity’s only hope in the war against the Arvy race.

With the ever growing threat of an invasion, the government demands results from the Reader program by doling out ultimatums, and using our loved ones against us.

But they will not break me.

My name is Abigail Park. I am intransigent.

Oh wow!!! I was not expecting the events that occur in Intransigent by Cameo Renae! In this installment of The After Light Saga, Abi and Finn arrive at the government bunker hidden in the foothills of the Black Mountain only to be separated because of Abi’s “gift.” Abi is taken to the government’s Reader program to exploit her newfound telepathic abilities. She finds the government has big plans for her and others like her, but they do not care the cost.

So yeah I was dumbfounded by Intransigent. I loved the paranormal aspect of telepathy that Cameo Renae introduced during the first book ARV-3 and then began to really explore in Sanctum. Abi thought she’d lost her mind, I thought she had too or was possibly being affected by the radiation and Arvy exposure. I was shocked to say the least that Renae made her character telepathic. I think it’s awesome and a way to explore the Arvies a little deeper. After all the Arvies were once human. To be honest though, what Abi hears scares her and me 😉

I was impressed with how the author handled Abi this book. Abi has been long overdue an emotional/mental breakdown from all she’s encountered (especially after the untimely death at the end of Sanctum). Renae writes an unstable Abi that doesn’t feel sorry for herself. No she’s again taking on to much, blaming herself for things outside of her control. She’s without Finn most of the book and being tested in the Reader program which does not help her mental state in the slightest.

The addition of the Reader program in this book along with a corrupt government made for a compelling read. While the first two books in the series have focused on survival and what that entails, this book focuses on what is left of the government and what they are doing to make the world inhabitable again. It’s truly terrifying in an edge-of-your seat kind of way.

Overall I really enjoyed Intransigent! Abi’s character faces major heart-ache and she does it with her typical hardcore attitude. While I could have done with more Finn time (who am I kidding, we ALL want more Finn), Abi’s journey in this book takes her character to a new place. I’m so excited to see what Cameo Renae has in store for her in Hostile. If you enjoy dystopia, paranormal, and a sweet touch of romance, I highly recommend this series!

Final Conclusion:

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