August Reading Challenges Accepted!

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I’ve discovered something about myself the last year….I’m addicted to reading challenges ๐Ÿ˜€ I participated in my first one last year and ever since I seem to sign up for more and more. There are two coming up in August that I’m excited about: ARC August hosted by Shelly and Octavia @ย Read.Sleep.Repeatย and Can You Read a Series in a Month? hosted by Michelle @ Because Reading is Better than Real Life and Berls @ Fantasy is More Fun. I’ll need your help on that last one ๐Ÿ˜‰

I personally love the ARC challenges and have participated in the Caffeinated Book Reviewer’s Clean Sweep in May the last two years. So I was excited when I came across Rebel Mommy Book Blog’s signup for the ARC August challenge, which is being hosted by Shelly and Octavia @ Read.Sleep.Repeat. The rules are simple:

Any ARC, old or new, physical or ebook, tour or publisher provided. As long as it is an ARC it counts towards this challenge. You can be as optimistic about your goal (20 ARCs in August? SURE!) or laid back (eh..3) as you want! This challenge is solely for YOUR benefit. Itโ€™s your chance to clear your shelves and get those Netgalley ratios up!

Sign-ups are open now through July 31st so join me if you want by clicking here.

My Goals

I got painfully behind on my ARCs last year and they stacked up quickly. Now in addition to those I have a new stack from this year that I am now also behind on thanks to moving. I’m embarrassed to say how many ARCs I actually have on my stack so I’ll just say too many ๐Ÿ˜‰ My goal is to read 10 from my Netgalley stack during August that’s around 3 a week, which is doable. I don’t have a specific list of the books I want to read, but here are a few of my options:

Follow my progress below or click here for my Goodreads shelf:

2016 ARC August: 7/10



I recently (though I guess not that recently) discovered and with that discovery has come many, MANY books at a bargain price….like entire series in hardback for $5, that kind of bargain. As such I have multiple, MULTIPLE series sitting on my shelves that I want to read, but haven’t because of time or other obligations. So when Michelle and Berls announced their new challenge, I was ecstatic! Now I have no excuse toย notย read one of these series. Here’s the rules:

  1. Pick 1 series. Yes, just 1. Announce which series youโ€™ve picked on your sign up post.
  2. Read EVERY book in the series. You donโ€™t have to read novellas or short stories, just the core books.
  3. Read them all betweenย 12am (your time) August 1st and 11:59pm (your time) August 31st. They MUST be marked (on Goodreads) as started and finished in the month of August to count.
  4. Enjoy bragging to everyone about how youโ€™re all caught up on whatever series you read (AKA โ€“ have fun)!

Sounds pretty easy right?! If you want to join me, sign-up by clicking here.

Now here is where I need your help. I can’t decide what series to read!!! I’ve got a poll going on my Facebook page. Go vote and tell me which series I should read. I’ll post the winner here on August 1st ๐Ÿ˜€

Follow my progress below:

Can You Read a Series in a Month?: 4/3


Are you participating in any challenges next month? Share below!

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