Merry Mondays #16 – Let Freedom Ring…

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Merry Mondays

Merry Mondays is a weekly meme hosted here @ Mom With a Reading Problem during the month of December to celebrate Christmas and the holiday season. Each week a different topic centered around the holidays will be discussed.

Happy Independence Day to my fellow Americans! Today is a day to celebrate our nation’s history and remember those who have fought and died for our freedoms. When I was a little girl, I always loved this time of year. I loved the celebrations, the cookouts, the family time. Now I like looking back at our history and being able to say that I’m proud to be an American and all that it implies. So naturally this week’s topic is “Independence Day themed.”

My husband and I went on our first date in over three months this past weekend. He took me to see the new Independence Day movie. He knows me so well 😀 I loved the original (I was only 10 when it came out) and I’ve been so excited ever since I heard a new movie was coming. So I thought, why not list my five favorite moments from the new movie (no spoilers, I promise!) as part of today’s topic.

5 Nostalgic Moments in Independence Day: Resurgence

5. The Living Dr. Brakish Okun: Am I the only one that thought this character died in the first movie?! I was shocked to say the least when I realized Brent Spiner would be in the new movie as I thought his character was dead. But going back and watching the original, they never showed him as dead. In fact I kind of like the way they brought him back.

4. Dylan Hiller (and the next Generation): This is Will Smith’s character’s son. While Smith was notably absent but quickly explained away, his son falls in dad’s footsteps. I liked seeing a new generation fighting the aliens after having witnessed the invasion and lived through it as children. These kids were raised in a community as most lost their parents during the invasion. It was interesting and I liked the way the screenwriters wrote their bitterness and hatred toward the aliens.

3. The Alien Technology: Unlike in the first movie where the humans knew nothing about the technology and it was a learn as you go process, in this one they’ve utilized it and made it their own. It was fun to see how it was integrated into every facet of their lives. Rather than allowing the invasion that happened 20 years ago beat them down, they used it to further their own technology. Go us!!!

2. Shoot First, Ask Questions Later: We learn from our mistakes. This is what the movie is truly about. In the first movie, they thought the aliens would be peaceful and wanted to approach them for communication. First sign of aliens now though and they shoot them out of the sky.

1. The Levinsons: My husband informed me I was a weird child as I grew up having a crush on Goldblum. (What can I say? I’ve always like the smart guys!) I enjoyed seeing Goldblum and Hirsch reprise their roles as son and father, respectively. Honestly it was great! Their chemistry and bickering was spot on, like no time had passed between films.

Your Turn! What are your favorite things about Independence Day?

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