Weekend Reads #86 – A Christmas Gift by Stella Wilkinson

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Weekend Reads

Happy Saturday y’all! Today I’m continuing week 3 of my holiday reads. Because many are probably still hanging out with family and friends over the holiday weekend (I know I am), I picked a short story to share with you. This particular read is just over 30 pages and a contemporary YA. It’s short and sweet and perfect for a bedtime read when you aren’t in the mood for starting a longer book.

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Weekend Reads #86 – A Christmas Gift by Stella WilkinsonA Christmas Gift by Stella Wilkinson
Series: Four Seasons Set #1
Published by Self Publish on 2014-12-12
Length: 33 pages
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Holly and Caleb had been best friends as children, growing up on the same street, but as teenagers they couldn't be further apart. When Caleb unexpectedly asked Holly to help him pick out a Christmas gift for his girlfriend, neither of them anticipated where it would lead.

A young adult romantic comedy, from Stella Wilkinson, acclaimed author of The Flirting Games Series.

A Christmas Gift is a "clean" romance, suitable for ALL ages

A Christmas Giftย by Stella Wilkinson is a short holiday story about a girl who falls for her neighbor. Holly and Caleb were childhood best friends, but during that awkward tween time the two drifted a part. Caleb became a part of the popular crowd and Holly was left behind. Now years later, Caleb needs Holly’s help finding the perfect present for his girlfriend.

Holly is a sweet girl who holds a bit of a grudge. She’s quiet, keeps to herself, and hates the group that her former best friend hangs out with. Caleb seems to be a nice guy, but hangs with a group that the way the author describes them reminds me of the T-Birds fromย Grease. Also he’s clueless when it comes to Holly.

Holly works at a large department store and Caleb asks for her help in finding his girlfriend the perfect gift. It’s a bit clichรฉ how the story plays out. Girl pinning over guy, guy always liked girl but thought he didn’t have a chance, etc. Overall it’s a sweet PG-romance that plays out exactly as you would expect. If you’re looking for a quick read to cleanse your palate between books, this is it!

About Stella Wilkinson

Stella Wilkinson is a full time author with fourteen books currently available, plus several box sets and multi-author anthologies. She is from the South West of England, UK, where she lives in a world populated mainly by her characters and where teen romance and the occasional paranormal creature are what she thinks and writes about. Although she is best known for her hugely successful Flirting Games Series, she also has two other series as well as some stand-alone books and short stories.

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