Sunday Post #107 – First Snow of 2017

Posted January 8, 2017 by Lillian in Features / 10 Comments

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Happy Sunday everyone! What an odd week this was! We started the week with nice, warm Spring-like weather and ended it with an inch of snow and ice. Now where I live, everything shuts down when there is a threat of snow and honestly we get a lot of flack for it. BUT unless you’ve lived here and driven in the rural areas you won’t understand. First off the county I live in has one salt truck AND to drive from one end of the county to the other takes just over an hour. Knowing those two things, you can assume (and you’d be right) that the only roads to be salted in snowy weather are the main roads in town. Then we get the conditions we have today: ice rinks for roads. Seriously it is slick and dangerous out there and with the hills and curves it only makes it worse.

Okay off my soapbox ๐Ÿ˜‰ Needless to say, I’ve enjoyed the weekend indoors, under a blanket with my books. 2017 has started off right for me. I’ve read 4 books this week, all new releases and all have been really good. I’ve also done some crocheting. I’m making a mermaid tail blanket for my niece. It’s coming along quite nice ๐Ÿ˜€

Currently Reading

I’m finishing upย The Vampire Mafiaย complete set by M.A. Wilder today (I hope). It’s an interesting read that kind of reminds me of the cheesy, black and white films with Humphrey Bogart. I don’t know why either! It’s set in present time with internet and cell phones and some seriously steamy romance. Regardless of my weird relation, I’m enjoying the book!

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This Weekโ€™s Book Fix

What are you reading this week?

Little man goes back to school tomorrow. I’m a little sad and excited. He has SO much energy and needs to get out of the house, plus he’s missed his friends. BUT I will miss having him underfoot, and I mean that. He’s a total mama’s boy and wants to do everything with me. His 6th birthday is coming up next month and I’m trying to figure out what we will do. Our apartment is really too small to have people over, so I’m trying to figure out a good idea for a party. I’d appreciate your ideas ๐Ÿ™‚

Reading wise I have two more ARCs that release this month that I’m going to read and then I’ll chose from my #2017HW list. I’m leaning towards the next TMI book orย Empire of Storms.ย Which do you suggest?

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10 responses to “Sunday Post #107 – First Snow of 2017

  1. I think all towns regardless if they get snow or not should be prepared in case it does. Our town tends to forget my street is here because they never come down it. Anything of 6 or 7 inches they will but we got 5 so no plow for us. Living in NJ you learn to drive down those streets. I learned to drive in the snow so I am pretty good at it lol.

    Snow is also a great excuse to just stay inside and read ๐Ÿ™‚

    Have a great week, Lillian! Happy Reading! ox

    • I agree! For us it is so rare to get snow that the budget just isn’t there for it. The budget is focused more on storms and clean up from storms instead (which we get plenty of unfortunately). If it wasn’t for the ice, it wouldn’t be so bad, but the ice is what hurts us. Hope you have a great week Michelle!

  2. Everything you said about the snow/ice is so true. We get SO much flak for it. I couldn’t even tell you if the county I grew up in had ANY salt trucks. Probably only 1. And we live in a fairly large county that embodies two major cities 20 something miles apart. Most people live out in the country on the more rural and isolated roads, so it IS a big deal. I hate that people don’t understand this.

    I want a mermaid tail! I think I will officially put it on a list.

    My uncle’s grandkids have all of their parties at a park nearby their house. Their birthdays are almost all in March ironically, so if the weather is not too terrible, you could have it at a local park. Also, many banks have rooms they rent out to the community for various events. The one we’ve used for baby showers and such has been pretty reasonable.

  3. Wow. Yeah I thought it was bad when our salt trucks just leave themselves unprepared when they know snow is coming! But to have just 1? And not even get your neighborhood roads done? That’s gotta suck. But yay for staying home and reading!

    Nice new reads! I enjoyed Passenger and am reading Wayfarer now. It’s pretty good! I loved Dorothy Must Die! But it seems the series starts to get a little so-so after an incredible opening. I’m still reading the series though! Have yet to read the third book though! So behind!! Hope you enjoy all the new reads!!

    Here’s my STS

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower ๐Ÿ™‚
    Jessica @ a GREAT read recently posted…Stacking the ShelvesMy Profile

  4. Oh you Humphrey Bogart cheesy comment has me oddly curious about the boxed Good luck adjusting to the school routine again. I know what you mean about happy and sad he is going back ๐Ÿ™‚

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