Merry Mondays #31 – Rebels with a Cause

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Merry Mondays

Merry Mondays is a weekly meme hosted here @ Mom With a Reading Problem during the month of December to celebrate Christmas and the holiday season. Each week a different topic centered around the holidays will be discussed.

Merry Monday everyone and happy July! Tomorrow is Independence Day in the USA so I thought it would be fun to celebrate discuss books that represent what the day means to us. This month’s topic is ” Let freedom ring! It’s Independence Day in the US. Share a book where the characters fight for freedom.” There are SO many great books that come to mind when I think of this topic that I couldn’t choose just one. The following books are in no particular order and link to one of the following: Amazon(affiliate)/Goodreads/Blog Review.

The Hunger Games by Suzanne CollinsI couldn’t even attempt to make a list about fighting for independence without including The Hunger GamesI just couldn’t. Why? Because it was the first true dystopian I fell in love with and hooked me to the genre. Even today, I will sit down and read The Hunger Games trilogy over a long weekend. I loved Katniss, Peeta, and Haymitch. I liked the progression of the characters and the rebellion. It was interesting to read how the world was reshaped and divided into these districts that all vied for the capital’s entertainment. But the ending, how they overcame it all was perfection.

Red Queen by Victoria AveyardSo this book actually falls in the realm of fantasy or at least that’s what I thought until I read King’s Cage and a pretty little map of a fallen US was on the front pages. Seriously I was mind blown. It took what I knew about the series and twisted into me thinking all sorts of crazy things. I mean really I hope the next book explains a lot because I want to know what happened, how the country became divided and monarchies became the ruling government, also don’t get me started on the Red/Silver blood lineage and how that occurred. I’m all sorts of excited to see how the series will end and how the author takes this fantasy into the realms of scifi/dystopia.

The Legacy by Melissa DelportThis is perhaps my favorite dystopia series. Set not so far in the future to be unbelievable, the series follows the characters in the New United States of America after the third world war decimated most of the planet, creating third world living conditions across the planet. A band of rebels are trying to take down the president of the NUSA and bring about a new democracy, stop the testing, and save those left outside the newly established borders. I loved, LOVED this world and characters. Also #TeamReed should get excited because there is a new spinoff series coming later this year *squee*

Life by Rebecca BellistonThe Citizens of Logan Pond is the most realistic dystopia I’ve ever read. Following a small community roughly 5-10 years after the economic collapse of the US, I was impressed with the simplistic life they lived. The community had done what I’d like to think we all would: they created a small garden, a well for water, etc….all while living under the new government’s nose. It was interesting and scary just how easily I could imagine the world becoming reality.

The Fallen World by Laura ThalassaOne of my favorite authors and this is my second favorite series of hers (the first is The Unearthly). In this series, the world is split in half. It’s East vs. West and the West is losing. Then the king of the East falls in love and his empire begins to crumble. I like this story because it is character driven. It focuses on Serenity and Montes, their faults and their love. It shows how much and how little can change over time.

And I wanted to add just one more….

Defy the Stars by Claudia GrayI read this book back in April and fell in love. It is also character driven focusing on one girl who wants to save her planet from its never ending war for freedom and an android who wants to get home. I was drawn into this story unlike any I’ve been in the past. I loved the ways the author subtly pointed out the deterioration of society as it related to the ongoing war. It’s an interesting read and I can’t wait to find out the conclusion in the next book.

Your Turn! What books come to mind when you think of rebels and freedom? Any favorites? Share below

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    • I loved Daughter of Smoke and Bone! I just finished a series that reminds me of it: The Girl at Midnight by Melissa Grey – fantastic!!! I need to read Red Rising. I have heard nothing but good things.

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