Sunday Post #126 – Fall Break

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Happy Sunday y’all! This week was Fall break for little man. Unlike some of the other schools, he only had two days off instead of the whole week. He gets a week off at Thanksgiving though. I’d rather that 😉 We honestly didn’t do anything. We’ve binged watched some of our favorite movies and cleaned/organized the playroom. Reading wise it was a good week. I managed to listen/read 4 books this week and I’m working on a fifth.

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  • Running Out of Space by S.J. Higbee – blog tour, author interview
  • Saving Brad by Siobhan Davis – review
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Tomorrow we are heading to our local apple orchard for a field trip and I’m debating buying apples to make apple butter. I found my great-aunt’s recipe this week and it was something she made and handed out during the holidays. So maybe I’ll be doing that. Otherwise I plan to continue my cleaning/organizing purge. You’d think after only moving in 8 months ago that I wouldn’t need to do this, but alas I do. Reading wise I have still have several ARCs I need to read and would like to finish before the end of the year. Right now it doesn’t look like I can do so, but I’m going to try. Also that Fall weather I’ve been wishing for arrives tomorrow!! I’m so stinking excited and plan to do most of my reading in the rocking chairs on our front porch 😀

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18 responses to “Sunday Post #126 – Fall Break

  1. I loved Laura Thalassa’ s (The Bargainer #1), but I’m ashamed to admit that I still haven’t finished reading book two. I’ll blame my ARC schedule and all over crazy work schedule for this.

    Rocking chairs on our front porch sounds like a dream come true!! Where did you move to where you can sit with rocking chairs on the front porch and enjoy the fall? I’m in California, no fall for us. 🙁

    • I’m addicted to Thalassa. I wind up reading all her books the day they come out. Hope you get a chance to continue The Bargainer series soon 🙂

      We live in southeast TN, near the mountains in the valley. This time of year is perfect. Cool in the mornings and warm in the afternoons. Hope you are staying safe in Cali! Are you near the fires?

      • We can smell the smoke on some days, and the air quality has reached dangerous territory on other days. And now we are also worried that sparks could theoretically be carried by the wind across the Golden Gate Bridge into Presidio, which would be disastrous.

        All in all, it’s a situation that needs to be brought under controll. The damage and life toll has reached record numbers. And we found out that AT&T might be mostly to blame since they stopped cutting trees backs and wind and falling branches could start sparks when wood touches power line. ;-(

        • Oh that is awful Corina! I’ve been watching the stories that pop up on the news all week and it’s so devastating. We had record fires here last year so I understand about the air quality. It was terrible for months, even after the fires were out, but none of our major cities were affected. My thoughts and prayers are with y’all and anything else I can offer from across the country. Stay safe!

  2. I just picked up a copy of Odd and True. I keep seeing the author’s name mentioned, but have never read anything by her.

    Is fall break a thing where you live? Kids here get two days off during fall conferences, and it’s just been in the past ten years that Thanksgiving has expanded from 2 days off to more or all of the week. Then two weeks at Christmas and a week off in late March. It’s interesting to me to see how different it is in other parts of the country–I know some districts tie spring break to Easter, which would be confusing to me since it changes so drastically!

    • This is my first book by Cat Winters too. I finished Odd and True last night. Not what I expected but I still enjoyed it. Hope you do as well!

      Fall break started sometime while I was in college. Like you, we used to only get time off during the fall conferences. Now they take start school so early (last week of July!) that the local school system takes a full week off between quarters in the fall and spring. My son’s school takes the week of Thanksgiving though which I enjoy because it’s such a busy week!

    • We had two days off now and a week at Thanksgiving. Wish it was longer, but mainly because I love having little man home. Hope you are having a great week!

  3. Lucky! We don’t get any fall break. We have our week at Thanksgiving (only because so many kids are absent on that Monday and Tuesday, so they’d rather not suffer losing that state money due to attendance lows). I am working through my second book of the month! I wish I had more time to read and could finish at least two books each week.

    • I think that is why we take the week at Thanksgiving too! No reason to be open if there are no kids to teach. I attribute my number of books to the speed at which I read 😉 I really only read at night when everyone is in bed. However I did discover Audible last year and listen during the day when my son is at school and I’m working. Hope you have a great week Charlie 😀

    • Wow!!! That’s a long break. I’d love it to have my little man home that long! Miss him while he is at school.
      My husband says I’m a bit of an organizing freak….I think he may be right 😉 Hope you have a great week and happy release week Sarah 😀

    • I finished Odd and True last night. It was not what I was expecting, but a really good read all the same. That’s exactly what we did this last week. We spent the time at home, went to a movie, and just had a nice stay-cation. Hope you have a great week Laura 😀

  4. I know we’ll get Fall weather this week, but I heard the temp is going to go back up later. I hope we don’t have another Halloween of kids sweating in their costumes. (I’m in Murfreesboro, TN. If you don’t know it, it’s SE of Nashville)
    Anyway, good luck to you on reaching your reading goals. Your new books look interesting.

    • I know exactly where you are 😀 My sis-in-law and her family live in Murfreesboro. We live just NE of Chattanooga in Cleveland. SO enjoying these temps this week. I need to get my fireplace going. I understand what you’re saying about Halloween. Last year little man dressed as one of the characters from Ninjago and when we got the costume it was nice and cool like it is this week. But then Halloween arrived and it was 87 ??‍♀️ I felt so bad for him! Hopefully it will be cool this year!

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