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I received this book via the author, Michelle Bryan, M. Lynn. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of this review.

Review: Mastery of Earth by M. Lynn and Michelle BryanMastery of Earth by Michelle Bryan, M. Lynn
Series: Legends of the Tri-Gard #3
Published by Self Publish on 2018-08-15
Length: 270 pages
Reviewing eARC Rating:
4 Flames
Reading Challenges: 2018 Finishing the Series Reading Challenge, 2018 New Release Challenge

What if you were able to have someone you love back from the dead?

Reunited, they should be stronger than ever, but none of them have returned to the palace the same.

When the man she loved died, Rissa had a choice: fall apart or let the anger take control.

Her hatred, her need for vengeance filled every part of her, turning her from sarcastic princess to unashamed killer.

But now Davion is back. Will he recognize the girl he left behind?

As they return home to a kingdom on the brink of war, Trystan, Davion, and Rissa realize the magic they sought means nothing if they don't have the right people to wield it.

A rescue mission. A siege. And the greatest battle Dreach-Sciene has ever seen.

The quest is over, but the war has just begun.

Absolutely blown away!!! Fantastic ending to a fantastic series! Mastery of Earth by Michelle Bryan, M. Lynn is the final book in the Legends of the Tri-Gard. Magic is restored in Dreach-Sciene, and war looms with Dreach-Dhoun. Trystan, Rissa, Davi, and Alixa have come nearly full-circle, and it’s time to complete what they started. Be prepared for heartache and tears as the series comes to a conclusion.

From Orphan to Prince, From Prince to King

What appealed to me most about this series is the characters. The authors put them through hell, and despite that they come out better. They adapt and change to meet what is required of them. Seriously y’all that takes some fantastic writing. Well done ladies!


Trystan and Davi are my two favorites. Trystan goes from being a prince to king overnight. The authors handle him so well. He grieves, he’s angry, he fights being the king, but ultimately accepts it. It all feels so real and believable. Davi is no different. In fact, of all the characters, I feel he deals with the most. View Spoiler » Davi is angry and hurt and confused for a majority of the book, but he handles it with his humor and withdrawing from his friends. Why? Because he doesn’t want to hurt them ๐Ÿ˜ญ

Magic and War

Why is it that these two things always go together? It seems you can’t have one without the other. The same is the case here. The world-building though and the buildup is edge-of-your-seat, hold-your-breath fantastic. I couldn’t read it fast enough. The scheming and multiple POV create a dramatic irony that is unmatched. I love being able to get into the heads of all the main characters. My heart ached for them as they struggled with the trials ahead of them.

My Final Thoughts

Mastery of Earth is the perfect conclusion to the Legends of the Tri-Gard series. Michelle Bryan, M. Lynn delivered a well-written, fully-fleshed out story. The war, the magic, the romance….all of it is perfect and exactly what I wanted for the characters I’ve grown to love so much. If you enjoy high fantasy, I highly recommend this book/series. 

About M. Lynn

Michelle Lynn fell in love with reading when she was a kid. Every kind of book gripped her imagination. As she got a little older, she got into series like Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. Currently, her favorite is the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon.

Michelle is an escapist. She believes that a book can take you anywhere and get you away from what's going on in your own life. You can disappear inside the pages and become a different person. Growing up, this became more and more important for her as her life changed dramatically due to an illness. It started when she was young and got worse over the years. Reading is what helped her get through it. She's still getting through it but it isn't as hard, mentally, as it once was. Like reading, writing provided her a needed escape. Her dream is for her books to be able to do that for someone else. Life is hard but this just makes it a little bit easier.

Reading and writing aren't Michelle's only vices as she deals with the illness that has now become disabling. She's also an avid hockey fan. She lives in Florida but never misses a Columbus Blue Jackets game on TV.

Michelle also spends a lot of time with her family - parents, two sisters, 2 brother in-laws, and niece. She's also constantly surrounded by animals - 2 cats and a bird- that provide much needed comfort and inspiration.

She has a college degree in business, economics, and accounting but has to decide how to tie that to writing because that's where her passion lies now.

About Michelle Bryan

Michelle Bryan is a USA Today Bestselling author of The Crimson Legacy Trilogy, Legacy of Light Series, The Bixby Series, and The Power of Fae series. She resides in Nova Scotia, Canada with her favorite guys; her hubby, son, and two fur babies, Garbage and Smudge.

You can sign up here for Michelle's Bookies to hear about new releases, talk books, and receive advanced reader copies of her new works.ย She loves to hear from her readers, so feel free to join in on the fun.

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