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Happy Sunday y’all! What a week! It was pretty low-key for us. My son and I finished his Pumpkin Book Project yesterday. He chose How the Grinch Stole Christmas b

Last night, the hubby took me to see The Wizard of Oz. The Broadway production is touring and came to our little town. It was amazing! I felt like a little girl watching it for the first time again. The Lion and Toto stole the show though. It was great from start to finish!

Now on to the most exciting part of this post 😀 I’d like to introduce you to Amanda, my new blogging partner! I’ve known Amanda since we were 13 year olds in middle school. We instantly hit it off. She even put up with my quirks 😉 We lost touch in high school, but thanks to the wonders of Facebook have reconnected and talk books a lot which got me thinking about how much fun it would be to blog with her. I love her and I think you will too 😀

Meet Amanda

Hi, internet. I’m Amanda…and I have no idea how to talk about myself without being awkward so let’s just jump right into this intro.

I was so excited when ya girl Lillian asked me if I wanted to co-blog with her! Ya’ll. So. Excited. I could talk books all the live-long day, and now I have the opportunity to do so a couple of times a month, so thank you for indulging my nerd-doms. 

SO – I’m a homeschooling mom to three amazing kids. Serenity is 8, Caimbria is 3, and Hadrian is almost 6 months. Yes, I have my hands full, but I love it – so if you see me at Target, I might need a straight-up Mockingjay salute, but just know I love my life and wouldn’t trade it for anything. I’ve been married to my husband Doug, a Union Millwright, for nine years, and he’s my rock and best friend. And he’s hot, so there’s that. We live in Midlothian, Virginia – but I was born and raised in Cleveland, TN. My hobbies include cooking the foodz, drinking copious amounts of coffee, knowing way too much about dinosaurs, counting to three, corralling the small people, powerlifting, and of course READING. I love to sit down with a hot cup of coffee and read a book that takes me away somewhere I’ve never been. My favorite genres are YA fantasy fiction, historical romance, and I love a good dystopian. My favorites series are, of course, the whole Shadowhunters universe, Harry Potter (I have a hard time NOT fact-bombing whoever is watching the movies with me), The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer, The Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas, anything involving the Echo Ridge or Snow Valley anthologies written by multiple authors (including [but not limited to] Lucy McConnell, Cami Checketts, Taylor Hart, Rachael Anderson, and Rachelle J. Christiensen ), and classic English literature. I love a book I can hold/flip through/smell, but I also LOVE my Kindle and use it most frequently – mostly because I have INSTANT access to a library full of books.

A little bit of my history with Lillian: I’ve known Lillian since 7th grade gym class, and I immediately liked her. We ended up going to different high schools, but then later in life our two churches’ youth groups collaborated because the pastors were good friends, and we were reaquainted. She actually ended up marrying a guy who’d been going to my church (who I had gone to elementary school with… was a small town back then). She’s always been, in my mind, one of the sweetest people on the planet. I have a lot of affection for her family, and I love geeking out over books with her – she gets it.

I’m so excited so start reviewing books with you guys and geeking out with ALL of you. THANKS FOR INVITING ME TO PLAY, LILZ!

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Book Cover for "Dark Harmony" by Laura Thalassa


Book Cover for "The Bane Chronicles" by Cassandra Clare

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This Week’s Book Fix

What have you read this week? Say hi to Amanda. I’m sure y’all will love her!

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10 responses to “Sunday Post #153 – Meet Amanda

  1. Hi Amanda!!! 🙂 Lillian is a great person! Never meet her in person but she is a sweetheart! I hope you enjoy the wonderful world of blogging. 🙂 You will “meet” some amazing people.

    I hope you both have the best week ever! Happy Reading!

    • Amanda

      I LOVE when people know who Magnus Bane is. I mean. I love it. Thanks for the warm welcome! <3 Hope your week is WONDERFUL, Jackie!

    • Thanks Jackie! If you enjoy urban fantasy I highly recommend Laura Thalassa 😉 This is the last book I. Her Bargainer series which has so far been fantastic. Hope you have a great week!

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