#MyTBRL Review: Jack of Thieves by Ben Hale

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#MyTBRL Review: Jack of Thieves by Ben HaleJack of Thieves by Ben Hale
Series: The Master Thief #1
Published by Snowlight Publishing on 2016-07-11
Length: 369 pages
Reviewing Paperback from My Book Shelf
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The Thieves Guild is renowned for their ability to steal anything. Its elite members have robbed nobles of wealth, reputation, and even their honor. The Guildmaster rules them with brutality and fear, yet his name and past are a mystery. From the depths of the Evermist swamp he seeks a master thief, one who can help him reclaim his lost power.

Young and brash, Jack Myst has drawn the Guildmaster’s attention. His feats mark his potential, but his audacity and cunning make him dangerous. After years of preparation an invitation from the guild is exactly what he desires. When he gets it his hunt begins, and there is nothing he cannot steal.

Even the Guildmaster’s secret.

Jack of Thieves by Ben Hale is an exciting adventure through the land of Lumineia that follows a young man on his quest to avenge his mother’s death. My husband has been after me for a long time to read these books, and I’m glad I’ve finally started. It’s fast-paced with fantastic characters and an incredible world. I can’t wait to learn more!

Jack is not quite the hero of the tale, but not a bad guy either. He’s a thief with a conscience….kinda. He’s cocky, arrogant, and charming when he wants to be. There are times where you want to smack the smile off his face and others where you’ll want to kiss him. Very confusing!

At the start of the story, Jack has just pulled off stealing from a well-known lord for a maid (See what I mean about not being the bad guy but not good either?) when the Thieves Guild finds him. They invite him to join. He pretends this hasn’t been his plan all along because he doesn’t want them suspicious of his motives. He is after three thieves that killed his mother. He wants revenge and he will have it through the Guild. 

I was fascinated with the Guild and its innerworkings. While I enjoyed the story, there really wasn’t much driving the plot. Jack bounces from assignment to assignment and slowly gets his revenge. Despite there not being much to drive the plot, I found myself enjoying it. I loved how Jack could change his persona to fit the assignment and get what he wanted and still complete the job. I also really enjoyed the different magical beings: elves, dwarves, and druids. There is even an encounter with barbarians. I think this is a good introduction to Hale’s Lumineia. 

Overall I really enjoyed Jack of Thieves. Jack is a character you can’t help but love. The writing is polished and builds upon other works by the author. I can’t wait to get into this fantastical world. I highly recommend this one for anyone that enjoys adventure with a touch of fantasy. 

About Ben Hale

Author Ben Hale

As an avid snowboarder from Utah, Ben grew up with a passion for learning. This thirst for knowledge led him to sports, music, and academic endeavors. After a year of college, he did volunteer work in Brazil and became fluent in three languages. Graduating from the University of Central Florida, he started and ran several successful businesses before publishing his first novel in June of 2012. By the end of the year he'd sold almost ten thousand copies of The Second Draeken War, and he began writing full-time. Now spanning 10,000 years, ten titles, and two series, The Chronicles of Lumineia represents a sprawling YA series that has sold over fifty thousand copies, and continues to expand its readership across all ages. Each of his books has been inspired by his wonderful wife and five beautiful children.

To contact the author, discover more about Lumineia, or find out about upcoming novels, check out his website at Lumineia.com. You can also follow Ben on twitter @ BenHale8 or on Facebook.

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    • It is such a good book. The author has written a few series and they are all set in the same world too. I’m excited to read more!

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