Review: A Lake House Holiday by Megan Squires

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Review: A Lake House Holiday by Megan SquiresA Lake House Holiday by Megan Squires
Published by Self Publish on 2018-10-16
Length: 250 pages
Reviewing Kindle from Amazon

Sometimes you need to get away to find the place your heart calls home.

Jolene Carter lives in Merrylark Lake, a quaint town where neighbors are like family and vacationers become fast friends. With her dream of opening a downtown storefront on hold, Jolene volunteers wherever she can, whether it be at Cat’s Coffee Cart or the town’s annual tree lighting. It is while she’s tending to her neighbor’s vacation rental that Jolene meets Luke, a cowboy with a mustang rescue and a past he’s hoping to leave back at the ranch.

Luke Handley isn’t one to believe in holiday magic. That disappeared when his winter wedding was called off and his honeymoon was canceled. But the more time he spends in Merrylark, the more he’s convinced this magic exists. When Luke’s ex unexpectedly shows up as the other half to the lake house reservation, things get complicated. Luke knows all the magic in the world won’t clear up this misunderstanding. If he’s learned anything from Jolene, though, it’s that helping others is the most effective way to show love. With a surprise up his sleeve and a little help from his new Merrylark friends, Luke hopes he’s able to do just that.

“Everything is beautiful and I love all of you.” That’s how I feel after reading this little sweetie of a book. Have I told you lately how much I love a feel-good romance novel? Have I told you how much I love Christmas novels? Have I toooooold you lately……that I love you??? Actually, yes I did. *ahem* MOVING ON.


Jolene Carter is a loving and selfless woman, who lives in a little cottage and is the housekeeper for her next door neighbor’s holiday cabin. It’s Christmastime in Merrylark Lake, a tiny town on a beautiful lake. Jolene lost her fiance around this time of year, and has determined herself to find joy, hope and cheer in the season instead of grief and sorrow. Her little cottage’s halls are totally decked, falala’s and everything. She is still figuring out what to do with her life, how to really move on, when Luke Handley comes to town to stay in the neighboring cabin.


Luke needed a getaway, and hey, his honeymoon was already paid for. Despite coming to Merrylark alone after a bad breakup, he is ready for his sabbatical/respite. He’s skeptical about the magic of Christmas, but Jolene has him believing and dreaming again in no time, thanks to her open heart and kind generosity. Things take a turn for the tense when his ex shows up at Merrylark Lake. But Luke has learned a few things from Jolene, and some of her generous nature has rubbed off on him as he learns to give selflessly.

I love how descriptive Megan Squires is, and I love the little conversations inserted here and there that really give this story color. For example, a little expository conversation with a Clydesdale endears me to Jolene. A sweet interaction with his dad makes me fall for Luke. It’s the little quirks of a character that really make a special difference in a story, and there are tons of little moments in this one! 💕 

On a personal note, this setting reminds me of the last summer I spent with my precious grandmother in a place called Findley Lake, near Lake Erie in PA where my mom grew up. I would love nothing more than to see Findley Lake at Christmastime. It makes this story even more dear to me. This one gets a well-earned 5 stars from me. 

Now…who wants some hot chocolate and a Christmas cookie??

About Megan Squires

Author Megan Squires

Growing up with only a lizard for a pet, Megan Squires now makes up for it by caring for the nearly forty animals on her twelve-acre flower farm in Northern California. A UC Davis graduate, Megan worked in the political non-profit realm prior to becoming a stay-at-home mom. She then spent nearly ten years as an award winning photographer, with her work published in magazines such as Professional Photographer and Click.

In 2012, her creativity took a turn when she wrote and published her first young adult novel. Megan is both traditionally and self-published and An Heirloom Christmas is her tenth publication. She can't go a day without Jesus, her family and farm animals, and a large McDonald's Diet Coke.

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