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This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
Review: Crypts and Crimes by Scarlett DawnCrypts and Crimes by Scarlett Dawn
Series: Trixie Towers #3
Published by Self Publish on 2020-03-29
Length: 165 pages
Reviewing Kindle from Kindle Unlimited
Reading Challenges: 2020 Finishing the Series Reading Challenge, 2020 New Release Challenge

Through time and crime,
The crocodiles cried tears.
Furious hearts will not die,
Run away, my dears.

Once were charmed,
Forever enslaved.
Rage! Rage!
The Fae cannot change.

The heart has no mercy...

King Athon is a shifter prick.
If only my dastardly soul mate was a little less intelligent. Alas, not only is King Athon the most powerful in the realm—alongside my father—the King of Shifters is also sharp and savvy. The vigilant predator makes it difficult to hide my truths, but I am the heir to the Elf Kingdom, a top notch swindler.
I will prevail.

With the five kingdoms in more trouble than we’d thought, the Misfits are even less forthcoming than usual, and all Fairy breaks loose while we search in the Caster Kingdom for the third artifact. Deep in the unsavory swamps, a deadly seduction thrives under a weeping tree. But the five rulers and I will not shirk our duty within those wicked shadows, even if we want to.

My name is Trixie Towers. I utterly loathe my cruel soul mate, but the truly miraculous has happened. I’m beginning to detest the Fae even more than him.

I need book four ASAP please!!! Crypts and Crimes by Scarlett Dawn is the third book in her Trixie Towers that follows the Fae princess by the same name and the rest of the royals as they continue their hunt for the artifacts. Y’all I couldn’t sit this one down. I read it in one sitting. It is SO good! I think this may be my favorite installment yet. Please note: I will do my best to not spoil this story for you in my review. However this is the third book of the series and there may be minor spoilers to the previous books in this review. Read at your own risk!

Trixie is my favorite Scarlett Dawn character. She is sassy, loyal, and her dgaf attitude is on point! She will fight for what is hers no matter what, and I love her for it. Trixie’s sense of right and wrong lives in the gray between area. She sees all sides of a situation, and even when it is uncomfortable, she fights for the right solution. This becomes evident with her interactions with her mate. 

King Athon is a tiger shifter and not to be messed with. His possessive nature borders on abusive, but he keeps it in check for Trixie’s sake. Being in a forbidden pairing is bad for anyone in the five kingdoms, but even more so for two royals. Both need to produce an heir, but is that even possible? Athon thinks he’s found a way, but his mate isn’t going to like it. 

The plot for this one follows the previous books in the series. The royals are in the Elf kingdom celebrating King Traevon’s mated-day (think wedding anniversary equivalent). While there, some interesting things come to light, driving the plot and answering some questions surrounding Athon and Trixie, though admittedly leaving more questions in their place. This time the Misfits send them to the Caster kingdom. I was intrigued to see this kingdom of witches and warlocks, as all the royals seem to fear Queen Mikko’s gift. I was not disappointed!

Overall I really enjoyed Crypts and Crimes. I could seriously read these books over and over again. Scarlett Dawn‘s humor combined with the world-building makes for an entertaining, quick read. And the steam between Athon and Trixie keeps building. I’m waiting for an explosion, and it ain’t gonna be pretty 😉 If you enjoy urban fantasy, I highly recommend you grab a copy and dive in!

About Scarlett Dawn

New York Times bestselling author and award-winner, Scarlett Dawn, is the mastermind behind the Forever Evermore fantasy series, the Origin paranormal dystopian stories, the Vampire Crown paranormal romance thrillers, the Mark science fantasy saga, and the Lion Security contemporary romance series.

She lives in the Midwest, adores her music loud, and demands her fries covered in melted cheese.

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