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Amanda’s Weekly Update

Oh, man. What a week. I’ve been stressed out all week with everything happening in the world. I have had to really reevaluate what is in my heart, and have tried to listen and understand all that’s happening from a new perspective. I’m encouraged by the changes we are seeing that are positive, socially. I think we have a long way to go, and it’s not over yet, but racial equality is put to the forefront of our collective consciousness and forcing us to combat our own prejudices. Maybe 2020 isn’t the year we wanted, but it might just be the year that changes everything for the better.

I am dealing with a foot injury/flare-up of some kind, so I haven’t been able to train like I really want to. I’ve kind of decided that I need to lose weight if I’m ever going to have a shot at continuing to lift long-term. I have also made a decision about my hair. For the last like 14 months I’ve had fantasy hair – my hair has had many many different colors, all of them WILD and I love it. However, I’ve really been needing a change in my lifestyle. So I’ve decided to forgo my badass hair in favor of a nutrition coach. (😭 but also 😁) Back to my natural hair (or a similar approximation) as soon as my salon opens back up. I’m so so sad about my hair – it’s kind of become my thing these days. But I’m ready to make a big change – so I have to sacrifice my vanity for it. RIP badass hair. 

Blog-stuff-wise, I completed a novel flick review (yay!) but I was disappointed a bit (boo!). Be on the lookout for that post at some point coming up! As far as actual reading, I think I’m about to DNF an ARC I got. I just don’t find it interesting enough to keep reading, and I have lots of other books on my shelf that I’m more excited about that need my attention. I haven’t really wanted to read – I’ve just wanted to kind of freeze in place (trauma response), but I’ve been making myself do bloggy things so I’m moving forward. 

Lillian’s Weekly Update

Happy Sunday y’all! I feel like this week passed in a blur. I spent most of the week working on the website for my husband’s new clinic. When his job was downsized in January, we could have never predicted what the next few months would bring. We are so thankful for the journey though. It’s brought us closer as a family, and we feel like we are following the path God has set out for us. It’s a scary journey, not knowing if the clinic will take off or tank. We’ve invested everything in it though, so the website got my full attention this week. I’m kinda proud of it. If you’re curious, you can check it out at

My hubby had his cardiology follow up this week and, as predicted, is getting the full work-up. He’s currently wearing a monitor for the next 30 days. He’s not too happy about it, and with us not having insurance, it’s just another added stress. He’s getting a stress test this week with an echo, and then we go from there. Worse case scenario is he will need a pacemaker (daunting and scary at our age). But at least we will have answers. 

Seeing as how I spent around 10 hours a day on the computer working on the site, my reading tanked. I managed to read all of one book this past week. I’m hoping to rectify that by reading more this week, but I’m also working to do some major clean outs around the house. We did a lot of spring cleaning while we were stuck inside. Now I need to get rid of a bunch of the stuff we cleaned out AND don’t get me started on what needs to be done on the outside of the house. Pretty sure our neighbors are going to disown us 😅 

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Book Cover for "Rage and Ruin" by Jennifer L. Armentrout

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Winter of Solace by Kathryn Le Veque | Flame by Donna Grant |The Forgotten Kingdom by Signe Pike

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The Lending Library by Aliza Fogelson (Kindle) | Delirium by Lauren Oliver (Kindle) | Gone by Michael Grant (Kindle) | A Highlander is Coming to Town by Laura Trentham (eARC)

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