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I received this book via the publisher, Marten Press. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of this review.

Review: Air Storm by Kay L. MoodyAir Storm by Kay L. Moody
Series: The Elements of Kamdaria #10
Published by Marten Press on 2020-10-21
Length: 105 pages
Reviewing eARC Rating:
Reading Challenges: 2020 Finishing the Series Reading Challenge, 2020 New Release Challenge

To win the war, Talise needs help.

After improving life in the Storm, the citizens would probably jump at the chance to join Talise against her enemies.

But their lives are far from perfect. Food is still scarce and skirmishes between cities still happen weekly. When a storm wreaks havoc on the land, many citizens are left with a horrible illness.

Talise’s only hope is with the amulet. She must use extreme caution during each training both because of the power it wields and because of the people she trains with.

Nothing goes as planned.

But with the war getting worse each day, Talise is determined to win. If she can’t build a new army with citizens from the Storm… she’ll use the amulet.

No matter what the cost.

Talise is back! Air Storm by Kay L. Moody is the tenth installment of The Elements of Kamdaria, and the story just keeps getting better. Please note that while I’ll try my best to avoid spoilers, there may be minor spoilers to previous installments in this review. With Claye’s betrayal behind her and Aaden by her side, Talise is ready to step into the role as rightful ruler of Kamdaria. Her only obstacle now is her father. Be prepared for battle in Air Storm

I have loved Talise since the start of the series. I love her determination and loyalty, and I love that she has no problem establishing right from wrong. I’ve honestly missed her strength in the last few books. While doubting Aaden’s loyalties, then Claye’s betrayal, Talise has struggled with her mission and her confidence. Those struggles melt away in this installment as she finally learns to trust Aaden and confronts Claye. 

Oh how I’ve missed Aaden! Aaden was such a strong presence in the first several installments, and then he disappeared on mission for the emperor. He thought it was the right choice, but he’s since learned the mistake he made in leaving Talise. Nothing has changed for him, and he is determined to prove to her that he will never leave again. I love how he shows Talise that he believes in her by simply being there and standing by her side. He doesn’t have to put on a show or use words, his actions speak for him. 

This installment deals with Talise and her closest friends in the storm, ready to plan for battle. They’ve had to seek help from the enemy, Kessouku, and as a trade off, Talise is getting to train with the Amulet. The only problem is she is also training Claye and River to use it. River, of course, hates Talise and uses every opportunity to kill her. Claye claims to still love her, however even I don’t trust that. His feelings seem awfully shallow. I’m just not ready to forgive him. 

Overall I really enjoyed this installment. It is action packed and slowly leading us to the final showdown between Talise and the emperor. If you enjoy YA fantasy, I cannot recommend this series enough.

About Kay L. Moody

Author Kay L. Moody

Kay L Moody is proud to be a young adult fantasy author. Her books feature exciting plots with a few magical elements. They have lots of adventure, compelling characters, and sweet romantic sub-plots. Most of her books have a dystopian flair. They include a variety of technology levels and lots of diversity in characters.

Kay lives in the western United States with her husband and four sons. She enjoys summertime, learning new things, and doing her nails.

Kay has been writing for years, and in 2018, finally decided it was time to publish. She loves books because they provide an escape from the world. She writes so that her books can provide both entertainment and edification. She believes that no matter how difficult life gets, a happy ending is never permanently out of reach.

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