Review: Promises and Pixie Dust by Robin D. Mahle & Elle Madison

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I received this book via the author, Robin D. Mahle, Elle Madison. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of this review.

Review: Promises and Pixie Dust by Robin D. Mahle & Elle MadisonPromises and Pixie Dust by Robin D. Mahle, Elle Madison
Published by Enchanted Quill Press on 2021-02-23
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This is the fairytale retelling I didn’t know I needed! Promises and Pixie Dust by Robin D. Mahle, Elle Madison, who are quickly becoming one of my favorite author duos, is a sweet, standalone retelling of Thumbelina and included in the anthology Enchanted Kingdoms. Following the story of Lina and Edrich, Promises and Pixie Dust explores the world from two very different points of view as one girl searches for a world she belongs in.ย 

The story opens with Lina saying goodbye to her friends and waiting for one person in particular, Edrich. Lina is preparing to enter the enchanted forest and find people like her. That is, Lina wants to find someone that is her size, not much bigger than your thumb. Since her mother’s passing, the call of the forest and to find others like her has only gotten stronger. And why wouldn’t it? Everything in Lina’s life has to be modified for her to use. That doesn’t stop her. Nothing does! She is a force to be reckoned with, even driving a wagon full of supplies with a complicated system of ropes and pulleys. But now there is nothing stopping her from searching except Edrich.

To say Edrich is shocked to see Lina at the bar, much less her request to accompany her to the Enchanted Forest, is an understatement. Edrich has spent the last few years trying to forget his little friend and the feelings she stirs in him. As his mother pointed out long ago, Lina deserves better than the half-life he can give her and he the same. So he left, joining a group of mercenaries. Now that life haunts him. With a few days off between jobs, he decides to accompany Lina, he can’t let her go on her own after all. There is a bitterness that festers between these two, though Lina is unaware of the cause only the hurt that she feels.

The plot follows these two into the enchanted forest, and I couldn’t love it more! The alternating POV really help bring into focus how the world is seen from a normal sized human like Edrich and Lina’s fairy size. I love their banter, even their tense arguments as you see the tension swelling between these two former friends. My heart ached for them.

Overall, I really enjoyed Promises and Pixie Dust. Thumbelina was one of my favorite cartoons growing up, and the authors brought her to life here. I love how intricate and vivid the details of the forest are from Lina’s perspective. It was easy to imagine myself at her size, seeing the world from her POV. If you enjoy YA fantasy, retellings, and of course a bit of romance, I highly recommend Promises and Pixie Dust.

About Elle Madison

Author Elle Madison

Elle Madison is a faerie disguising herself as an author in the human world.

When she isn't wrestling her children, she's busy baking cookies for her husband and becoming a regular at every taco shop she comes across.

After hours, when she puts the kiddos to bed, you can usually find Elle working on creating new fantastical worlds or playing Stardew Valley.

Elle enjoys watching the sunset, trying new wines, the occasional raccoon, and being with people who make her laugh.

About Robin D. Mahle

Author Robin D. Mahle

The name Robin D. Mahle represents a dynamic husband and wife storytelling team. They've travelled the world for both love and war, and a tale began to form between the two of them that just had to be told. One's love of anime and comics collided with the other's love of fiction novels to produce a story with action, captivating dialogue, and riveting prose.

The female piece to the puzzle that is Robin spends her days as a captioner for the deaf and hard of hearing. She loves to read, write, and loves all things Doctor Who. A Marine Corps veteran, her husband homeschools their offspring, lovingly nicknamed Thing 1 and Thing 2. He loves to write and spend time in his garden.They also have two fur babies: a standard full-sized poodle and a persian cat. Their family lives in Colorado after a lifetime of being way too hot in Texas.


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Cinderella by Kimbra Swain
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Beauty and the Beast by Beth Hale
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Rumpelstiltskin by Craig Halloran
Sleeping Beauty by Stacey O’Neale
Wizard of Oz by Amanda Marin
Snow White and the Seven Dwarves by Lacy Sheridan
Red Riding Hood by May Dawson
Rapunzel by Anne Stryker
Sinbad the Sailor by Cassidy Taylor
Robin Hood by Jacque Stevens
Little Match Girl by Lee Ann Ward
The Snow Queen by Laura Burton and Jessie Cal
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Thumblina by Robin D. Mahle and Elle Madison

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