Summer of Love Week 2: The Danger with Fireworks by Robin Daniels

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As we enter a holiday weekend in the US, I couldn’t resist sharing a holiday romance to fit the theme. This series of novellas are quick reads, perfect for a busy weekend, and feature different characters throughout so they can be read out of order. This one in particular is set at a summer camp. I don’t know about y’all, but that screams new romance to me 😀

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Summer of Love Week 2: The Danger with Fireworks by Robin DanielsThe Danger with Fireworks by Robin Daniels
Series: Holiday Romance #3
Published by Bluefields on 2020-06-26
Length: 76 pages
Reviewing Kindle from Kindle Unlimited
Reading Challenges: 2021 Finishing the Series Reading Challenge, 2021 Summer of Love

Garland's love life took a rocky ride when his roommate started dating the girl he liked. It was inevitable, really. Somehow he always makes friends with "that guy"--the one who can get any girl he wants. It sucks, always feeling like the third wheel. So, when he's offered a position as a summer camp counselor, he jumps at the opportunity. It's the perfect chance to a place where he's not tied to best-friendship with a chick magnet.

However, from the moment he arrives, Garland realizes that the grass won't be any greener. He meets Chloe, a beautiful, energetic co-worker and they hit it off right away. Naturally, her ex--who's desperate to win her back--happens to be "that guy". Except this time it's different because there's nothing likable about Chloe's ex. And since there's no rule saying Garland has to be best buds with the resident lady bait, he decides it's time to challenge the status quo. For once, he's going to get the girl.

NOTE: This story can be read as a standalone, but it's better if the series is read in order.

This is such a cute read and a perfect summer romance pick! The Trouble With Fireworks by Robin Daniels is the third book in her Holiday Romance series, and this time we are getting an HEA for Garland. These books can be read in any order as they feature different characters in each, however I’d recommend reading in order to fully appreciate Garland’s character. 

Garland is a sweet, quiet character. He’s outgoing, but also keeps to himself. We first met him in Chrissy’s story as the protective older brother. Then we saw more of him as he was the good guy who stepped aside so his roommate could have the girl. My heart really broke for him. He’s kind and caring to a fault. After having his heart broken in the last book, I was so happy to see him here. He’s guarded, second guesses when the girl comes onto him, and has this wonderful self-deprecating humor that really endeared him to me. 

Chloe is a spitfire who I instantly fell for. She is Abby’s older sister, Abby is the one who broke Garland’s heart in the previous book, and is clear to the reader, even if not to Garland, that she has a bit of a crush on him. I like how Chloe really brings the best out in everyone she comes in contact with. She’s a natural leader and encourages everyone to do their best. 

What makes this book such a great pick for a summer read is the setting. The entire book is set at a summer camp that Garland is working at during school break. Chloe is his house “mom,” and hilarity ensues. I love the dynamic between the two MCs, but also the others they share a house with. It evokes all the fun things about camp: staying up til all hours talking, sneaking off behind a bush for a quick kiss, pranks and games, all of it. 

Overall I really enjoyed The Trouble With Fireworks. The cast of characters, while a bit cliche, worked so well together. Garland is a dear, and Chloe is so much fun. At under 100 pages, this would make a perfect read for your holiday weekend.

About Robin Daniels

Robin Daniels is a wife, mother of five and avid consumer of books. She loves reading SO much that she was actually grounded from it as a twelve year old. No Joking! Her mom caught her reading when she was supposed to be cleaning, which was a common occurrence. At that point she was instructed to go watch TV or play outside like a normal kid.

Robin is also a sucker for home design shows and magazines, and has a very co-dependent relationship with a certain diet soda who's brand shall not be named. (Though anyone with a similar problem could probably guess which one.)

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    • It is. The whole series is cute. The first one is set at Christmas, then the next at Valentine’s Day and this one during Summer. They are fun, fast reads.

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