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Meet the Characters: Bloody Vik Brandee, the Grimm Reaper, and Belladonna from Waves of Darkness

Today I’m uber-excited to have the characters from Tamara A. Lowery’s series Waves of Darkness here to answer a few questions about the predicament they find themselves in. Lillian: *startled by the two pirates and siren sitting in her living room* Well this is a welcome surprise! I have SO many questions for you all. Ummm….how did you […]

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Blog Tour: Lightning Sealed by Lila Felix

Blog Tour: Lightning Sealed by Lila Felix

Clean Teen Publishing is proud to present Lightning Sealed, the second installment of Lila Felix’s The Lucent Series. Interview with Theo from The Lucent Series Theo flashes into the room where I am and despite my writing the book about his kind, it scares the hell out of me. Lila: What the hell, Theo? You couldn’t have flashed outside and […]

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