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So today I am taking a sick day thanks to K. Bromberg and her last book of the Driven Trilogy Crashed. If you have not read these books I highly suggest you do (that is if you are over 18 and a woman!).

A novel classified as erotica is usually not my cup of tea, however this trilogy written by a new author and indie published has such a heart-wrenching story. Below you will find my doctor’s note from Mrs. Bromberg herself so you see, I’m excused! I will be clutching tissues and sobbing in a corner if you need me…….

Dear Readers, 

My patient, Lillian, has a serious condition known as O.C.D. and is in desperate need of therapy today, March 3rd and possibly 4th. (or any time thereafter she deems to re-read her prescribed course of medicine). This O.C.D. is different than the usual diagnosis in which I am sure you are familiar with. The O.C.D. your employee has is called Obsessive Colton Disorder and can be very harmful if not treated right away. The treatment is an intense regimen of a new drug combo called Driven/Fueled/Crashed and must be taken in large doses or the full effect does not have a big enough impact to help with the symptoms.  The side effects of this drug combo are continually talking about M.F. Checkered Flags, Calling random people Ace, Eating Cotton Candy, and all around euphoria. If said drug combo is not adhered to as I prescribe, your employee may suffer from a cob-web covered crotch, intense twitching, sexual frustration, and random finger swiping across devices as if in withdrawal of her e-reader. It’s not pretty.

Please heed my advice and allow your employee the prescribed course of action, for both your safety and those that work with her. I’ve seen the fallout of withholding this drug combo and I don’t want to see it on the 10 o’clock news again.

Best Regards, 
Dr. K. Bromberg

Link to Doctor’s Note (should you also need one)

And if this doesn’t convince you, check out the blog post by the girls over at Ladies I love your reviews on books and I don’t think anyone else can do this particular book/series justice.

I will be back to blogging tomorrow with a new series so stay tuned and thank you all for your love and support this past month! The blog is really taking off and I couldn’t do it without you guys!

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