Weekend Reads #3 – Phase Two: Evaluate by Rose Wynters

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Happy Friday everyone! Today’s review is book two of a novella series by Rose Wynters. I came across book one back in October and fell in love with the series! I mean really, what’s not to like?! Short, quick read about a zombie apocalypse. I’ll be the first to tell you that when I picked up book one, I really thought I’d dislike it. I’m just not a zombie fan, even the Walking Dead I just don’t care for. But the quick wit and irony of the main character caught my attention and both books I read in one sitting. This particular installment was released this past Monday and if you haven’t read book one, do so first. (Here’s my review ofย Phase One: Identity) I promise if you are looking for a good, quick read this weekend then you will not be disappointed in this purchase!

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
Weekend Reads #3 – Phase Two: Evaluate by Rose WyntersPhase Two: Evaluate by Rose Wynters
Series: Territory of the Dead #2
Published by Self Publish on April 12, 2014
Length: 110 pages
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The nightmare is just beginning...

Eighteen-year-old Tabitha Alexander is struggling to adapt to the new world she's living in. The zombies are everywhere, and nothing living is safe from them. They exist for only one purpose. To consume those still left alive.

They find safety in Kellan's home, or so they believe. The secrets are mounting, though, and each day seems to reveal only more questions.

On a mission to seek answers, they find themselves trapped deep within the Louisiana forests. In a deserted shack next to the bayou, Tabitha discovers that the nightmare is just beginning. They haven't seen the worst of the zombies apocalypse. Not by a long shot.

They escape, back to the safety of the compound. But it's only an illusion. Tabitha quickly realizes that zombies aren't the only monsters in the world... And humans have just dropped even further on the food chain.

Don’t be afraid of your strengths. Use them, develop them, and never rely on others to keep you safe. -Kellan

Phase Two: Evaluate by Rose Wyntersย picks up three days after the events of the first book of this series. Tabitha, her parents, her only surviving neighbor Jayden, her best friend Amanda and her dad, and Sara, the woman they picked up on the side of the road, are all living as comfortably as could be in their situation in the mansion owned by the mysterious Kellan who rescued them from a horde of zombies at Tabitha’s house. In this installment, Kellan is teaching them how to use weapons and survive. He takes a raiding party consisting of Tabitha, Jayden, and Amanda’s dad back into town for supplies and that’s where all the excitement begins in earnest.

“You did good today with your shots,” I told him. It was an understatement. Jayden was a natural. He’d hit the bulls eye with each shot.
“Thanks,” he replied dryly. “Must be from all of the video games I played when I was younger.”
We both laughed, and it felt good. It was nice to think about something normal.
“Thanks,” he replied dryly. “Must be from all of the video games I played when I was younger.”We both laughed, and it felt good. It was nice to think about something normal.

Tabitha is an awesome main character. The entire story is told from her POV and I felt as if I was living things through her, experiencing what she does, and laughing out loud at her inner thoughts. Jayden is your cute next door neighbor that you never had the guts to talk to, but now find you’re all of a sudden not just talking, but friends because of a zombie apocalypse….at least that’s how it is for Tabitha. I loved reading the progression of their relationship, however I smell a love triangle coming on. In just the first few pages of this novella, Kellan and Jayden are sizing each other up and trying to mark their territory (bad analogy but very true!). And this continues throughout the book, much to Tabitha’s dismay. Kellan is such a mystery. No one knows who he is, why he had a mansion with all the supplies he has, or what he may or may not have known about this apocalypse. There’s also an addition to their group, Drake. I will say nothing about Drake other than that he is a surprise and I’m not sure if I love this character or if I should be leery of him. I’ll let you read and decide.

I so love this series! It’s funny, brings tears to my eyes, and makes you cherish all the little things (like having a working bathroom and going to a grocery store for food). After the initial raid in town, the plot jumps forward about three weeks and the rest of the story takes place then, a month after zombies destroyed their world. I will not spoil this story and tell anything other than I loved it, read it in one sitting, and am eagerly awaiting the next book! If you enjoy horror without too much gore, suspense, irony and YA lit, check it out!

About Rose Wynters

I'm many things including a paranormal romance author, traveler, adventurer, and adorer of extremely hot, alpha men!

I'm also a hopeless romantic that enjoys excitement, fun, and the mysteries of life. I have a great love of romance and the supernatural, and I love combining them into romance books that push every boundary in the literary world. After all, shouldn't romance be thrilling, decadent, and especially sensual?

Series by Rose Wynters:
The Endurers (Paranormal Romance)
Territory of the Dead (Zombie Horror)
Wolf Town Guardians (Werewolf Romance)

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