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Meet Stacey Rourke! She is an award winning, best-selling author, yet
her quirky writing style and personality has her better known for her
irrational fear of garden gnomes and her insistence that pretty shoes actually
call out to her as she shops. That said, if you like books with a heap of
action, a swirl of suspense, a dash of romance, and a slathering of snappy
one-liners, Stacey’s books might be the right recipe for you! Without further
ado, let’s explore the works of this twistedly, fun ginger!

In the literary world, Stacey is probably best known for her
Legends Saga. This suspenseful literary adventure dares to ask the question;
what if the best fiction had dark roots of truth? It kicks off with Crane, a
modern day spin on the Legends of Sleepy Hollow. Things delve into the macabre in
Raven, book 2, where the works of Edgar Allen Poe are weaved together into an
intricate tapestry. The third book, Steam, combines the writings of HG Wells
and Nathaniel Hawthorne into a backstory filled with witchcraft and time travel.
Spiral into madness with this series today!
Crane on Amazon:
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Raven on Amazon:
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Audio coming soon!
Steam on Amazon:

In between writing the Legends Saga, Stacey admits to
needing a “mental health” break from the dark and maniacal.  Her pallet cleanser came in the form of the
light-hearted romantic comedy, Adapted for Film. Set in Hollywood, we travel
along with International Best-Selling Author, Aubrey Evans, as her blockbuster
book is made into a major motion picture. But when she and the director begin
butting heads over how to bring the book to life the studio takes drastic measures
to save the flailing film. Will Aubrey find her happy ending in the City of
Angels? Or will the credits roll on all she has worked for?

Get Adapted for Film on Amazon:
Where it all started: The Gryphon Series
Stacey entered the literary world with this YA fantasy
series filled with shapeshifters, dragons, pirates, demons, and the horrifying
image of grandma in a leopard print bikini! Yikes. The lives of three siblings
are turned upside down when they suddenly find themselves linked to the
mystical creature known as the Gryphon; oldest brother, Gabe, takes the form of
a lion, the youngest of the trio, Kendall, grows the wings of an eagle, and middle
child, Celeste, becomes his Conduit—the Celtic warrior fated to save us all.
Together, they must battle the forces of darkness, all while getting on each
other’s last nerve.

On Amazon –
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Embrace on Amazon –
Sacrifice on Amazon –
Ascension on Amazon –

Now that you’ve learned about Stacey, Check out this amazing
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