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Blog Tour: The Express Rider’s Lady by Stacey HenrieThe Express Rider's Lady by Stacy Henrie
Published by Love Inspired on 2016-02-09
Length: 288 pages
Reviewing eARC from Prism Book Tours

Westward Wedding Journey

Delsie Radford is going to make it to California, no matter the danger or difficulty. Her father may have kept her and her sister apart, but Delsie refuses to miss her sister's wedding—even with only eighteen days to get there. And she's found the perfect escort in Pony Express rider Myles Patton.

Myles can't believe it when a pretty socialite hires him to take her cross-country through rough terrain and dangerous territory. Surely she'll quit before they reach their destination—he's known girls like her before. But the longer they ride together, the more Myles notices Delsie's toughness and kindness beneath her polished exterior. And though they may be worlds apart…they might just be perfect for each other.

The Express Rider’s Lady by Stacy Henrie is such an endearing, heart-warming romance with adventure and the lure of the wild west! Delsie Radford is on a mission: make it to California in time for her estranged sister’s wedding. The problem: she has just over 2 weeks to do it. That adds up to roughly 100 miles a day on horseback. She needs help, and she finds it in the form of a Pony Express rider named Myles Patton.

I like Delsie. In fact, she’s a woman to look up to. At just 19, she comes up with this grand scheme to reach her sister before she marries and moves again, leaving no way for Delsie to find her. She’s determined, full of faith, and she’s got this spark of adventure. She has faith that she will make it thanks to the express rider she finds and their guide. This girl who has grown up basically with a silver spoon in her mouth, never worked a day in her life, is now going to cross the western part of the country to reach her sister. Like I said, I admire her ?

Myles Patton is the express rider that somehow accepts the crazy idea. I felt for Myles. He’s nursing a broken heart after his girlfriend of 6 years refused to marry him. He has no living family left. So naturally he’s bitter, disenchanted, and lost faith in God. When Delsie shows up though, something about her faith, her determination, gets him. He decides to help her, plus the money she’s offering will go towards the horse ranch he wants to open someday. He’s aware of the dangers they will face, and with a healthy dose of fear and confidence that he can — and more importantly, wants to — protect Delsie, they set off.

Possibly my favorite character in the whole book though is their guide and Myles’s friend, Amos. Amos is middle-aged widower with no children of his own. He’s kind, has a strong faith, and loves Myles as a son. His contribution to the book, though small, leaves a big impact!

The plot follows the trio as they cross west to get to California. There is plenty of adventure to be had: storms, highwaymen, Indians, and the desert itself. It’s an intense read, full of suspense, relying on faith, and friendship. Stacy Henrie beautifully portrays the friendship that blossoms between Myles and Delsie as they cross the plains. The reliance and trust that is built within just a few days is remarkable, but most importantly I believe is that it is realistic. Think about it a second. If you were crossing unfamiliar land with two men you didn’t know and you spent from before sun up to sun down with them, wouldn’t you learn to trust them and rely on them? They are keeping you safe after all. And this is what Delsie does!

Also the alternating POV is a technique I’ve come to expect from this author. She does it so well! Myles and Delsie tell the story through their eyes: a Pony Express Rider who grew up in the area and a rich girl from back East looking at everything with new eyes. It adds a beauty to the desert, the formations and even the dangers they face.

Overall I really enjoyed this book. It was easy for me to get lost in their adventure. I honestly didn’t want to stop reading! If you enjoy inspirational romance, than I highly recommend you get a copy of this book.

Final Conclusion:

About Stacy Henrie

Stacy Henrie has always had an avid appetite for history, fiction and chocolate. While she had a goal to write and publish a book one day, she turned her attentions first to graduating with a bachelor's degree in public relations. Not long after, she switched from writing press releases and newsletters to writing inspirational historical romances as a stay-at-home mom. Stacy loves reading, interior decorating, romantic movies, and most of all, laughing with her husband and three kids. She appreciates the chance to live out history through her characters, while enjoying all the modern conveniences of life in the 21st century.

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