Review: Her Dream Date Boss by Cami Checketts

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Review: Her Dream Date Boss by Cami CheckettsHer Dream Date Boss by Cami Checketts
Series: Steele Family Romance, Billionaire Boss Romances
Published by Birch River Publishing on 2019-05-03
Length: 160 pages
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A charming billionaire, a woman hiding behind her big glasses and frumpy shirts, and their dream date gone extremely wrong.

Mae Delaney has fallen in love with her boss, Slade Steele, over video chats. When he flies into her hometown and asks her to meet for dinner, she thinks all her dreams are about to come true. After hours of makeup, hair, and primping, her friend declares her ready to meet her man. Mae arrives at the restaurant and everything falls apart: Slade's late, the waiter is hitting on her, and worst of all, when Slade comes, he doesn't recognize Mae and kisses her, thinking her name is Josie.

Slade Steele is too busy with work and helping his younger sister to find time for love. After years of bantering with his favorite employee, Mae, he arranges to meet her for dinner. When he gets to the restaurant late, Mae is already gone. He's disappointed, but the beautiful Josie entrances him and he can't get her out of his mind. As weeks pass, Slade tries to forget the mysterious Josie as he finds himself falling for quirky Mae. He wants to date someone whom he can laugh with, but what if he meets Mae in person and feels none of the sparks he felt with Josie?

Can these two navigate through mistaken identity and Mae's insecurities and find their chance at love?

Her Dream Date Boss is the first of Cami's new Steele Family Romance and the Billionaire Boss Romances series featuring bestselling authors, Jennifer Youngblood and Sarah Gay.

Sometimes you need to read a quick little in-between-books book. This is one of those books I would recommend as a “recovery” book after you’ve read a heavy one, or one that ends unsatisfactorily. I love this author – and this is a sweet little romance. 

Quirky, sassy, loveable Mae works for her dreamy billionaire boss, Slade Steele – for whom she has fallen completely. Slade is super rich, but super down-to-earth (and suitable gorgeous!) Trouble keeps cropping up, keeping Mae from her dream date with the only man she’s ever wanted. With the help of her constant, lifelong friend Kit, can Mae finally get that dream date with her dream man??

Well…spoiler…YES.  I love Cami’s characters, main or otherwise. She always inserts a super-loveable friend or kid – both, in this case. Kit is that friend that everyone needs, who drops everything to help her friend. Lottie is Slade’s little sister with Down Syndrome and is TOTALLY adorable, delivering confidence to Mae just when she needs it, telling her “You have to like you,”. I love Mae’s personality (you know I have a thing for “snark”), and her taste in sarcastic T-shirts is perfect. Slade and Mae are cute together, and I have a feeling I’ll be seeing this couple pop up in the sister books of the Steele Family Romances. Also, thank you to Cami for highlighting a character who is able to overcome crippling anxiety. That’s an entire conversation for another day, but I loved her bravery. 

This book makes me want to order a snarky t-shirt, eat tacos and sushi, and travel to San Francisco. I’d recommend this to anyone who loves a quick, clean love story with totally loveable characters.

About Cami Checketts

Cami Checketts is married and the proud mother of four future WWF champions. Sometimes between being a human horse, cleaning up magic potions, and reading Bernstein Bears, she gets the chance to write fiction.

Cami graduated from Utah State University with a degree in Exercise Science. She and her family live in the beautiful Cache Valley of Northern Utah. During the two months of the year it isn't snowing, she enjoys swimming, biking, running, and water-skiing.

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