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I received this book via the author, Logan Delayne. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of this review.

Review: Beware the Fallen by Logan DelayneBeware the Fallen by Logan Delayne
Series: Banished Divinity #1
Published by Self Publish on 2019-12-19
Length: 258 pages
Reviewing eARC Rating:

Hatred has a purpose. Love is for the weak.

Freya's birth came with a warning for the three kings of Olympus. A stranger even in her own palace, when she's banished to her enemy's court to live her life in captivity, a titan blood amidst Olympian traitors and loathed by all, Freya struggles to find her place in this new world of powerful immortals, especially with her mysterious and dark captor, the king.

Son of the mighty Acheron, wielding the power of pain, Alec is distant and strange as are all of the creatures from the underworld. His designs for Freya are pure revenge, but at times she imagines another side to the king of the seven islands. As she questions why Alec keeps so close to the humans that he rules, she learns her curiosity will come at a price.

Making deals with the enemy has already forced Freya the Fallen to her bitter end, but her heart was never supposed to be a part of the bargain.

When I see a book about mythology, I grab it. I love Greek/Roman/Norse/Egyptian….well you get the picture 😉 Beware the Fallen by Logan Delayne is the first in her new series Banished Divinity about Freya a young half-titan who is beginning to come into her powers when she is banished to the Seven Islands and falls prisoner to Alec, the son of Archeron. You guys!!! It is SO good. I could not read this book fast enough. I devoured it! If you are a fan of Greek mythology, do yourself a favor and grab this book. Told exclusively from Freya’s POV, Beware the Fallen will keep you turning pages late into the night. 

Freya is a sheltered goddess, having been raised in her father’s kingdom away from the eyes of the Olympians and humans. All her knowledge of them comes from the books and stories that have been told to her. As a result, she is naive and a little prejudice at the start of the book. When her little sister Cenia leaves the island and returns with a shell, Freya takes her punishment, claiming it was her that took the shell instead. Little does she know what her father has planned for her. 

Alec is the god-king of the Seven Islands and demands as payment for the shell that Cenia be returned to the Islands permanently. When Freya shows up instead, he is distrustful and stand-offish (to say the least). Alec’s development throughout the book is one of beauty. I love how the author takes Freya’s opinion of the god-king on a journey as Freya learns who her true enemies are. Alec is one of my favorite characters, and my heart ached for him as we learn more about him throughout the book.

The plot is fast-paced and constantly shifting focusing mostly on Freya and her adjustment to her new living arrangements. However there are many subplots that I hope are carried through to the rest of the series. Like why do the Olympians want to kill Freya? What is a torch? Will we get our HEA because mythology usually doesn’t end well 😅

Overall Beware the Fallen is a fantastic read. I loved every word. Beautifully written, Delayne will take you on a journey with Freya unlike any I’ve read before. I highly recommend this to anyone that enjoys fantasy and Greek mythology with a touch of romance. 

About Logan Delayne

Logan Delayne is the not so mild mannered alter ego of Logan Keys, bestselling author, who is now taking on young adult dark fantasy with aplomb. She's still in the mid-south-west and her return to young adult has rejuvenated her muse, and she hopes that her readers will follow her over into fantasy and coming of age!

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    • It’s unlike anything I’ve read in a while. I really enjoyed the mix of mythology too. The author uses one of the lesser known Titan stories. I hope you enjoy Sherry!

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