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Today’s post is definitely geared towards women, especially women over 18 (sorry to any of my former students, adult supervision is required for this review). I received this book through one of my Goodreads groups as a read for review and I just adored it so I thought I’d share it with you! This is the debut novel for Beth Hyland and again I just loved it. If you like a good romance novel that is not heavy on the erotica side than I think you will enjoy this novel.

I received this book via the author, Beth Hyland. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of this review.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
Fall Into Forever by Beth HylandFall into Forever by Beth Hyland
Series: Into Forever #1
Published by Self Publish on March 8, 2014
Length: 300 pages
Reviewing eARC Rating:

A girl with a past she can't remember. A guy with a past he can't forget.

Ivy McAllister had it all. Perfect boyfriend. Perfect life. Perfect future. Or so they tell her. Because one night, on a dark country road, a fiery crash changed everything…and Ivy can’t remember what happened.

Now, two years later, at a new college far from home, she tries to regain control of her life, but her plans don’t include a tattooed, motorcycle-riding, indie music-obsessed guy with his own sorority girl fan club.

Jon Priestly is the hottest guy at Pacific State University. Just ask his groupies. But with a dark past he must keep hidden, he shuts himself off emotionally and trusts no one. That is…until he meets a broken girl with haunting green eyes and secrets of her own.

Ivy shouldn’t be attracted to Jon. They’re wrong for each other in every possible way. Yet as they spend time together, something about him—everything about him—feels so right.
But when threats from her past make her question what little she does remember, Ivy must decide whether to run again or trust the one person she can’t live without.

My Reaction to this Book:

Awe man! This book is just…..it’s just perfect! I loved every minute of it. I didn’t feel like it was forced or rushed. The story was just there and so amazingly sweet that I think my heart actually ached a bit reading it!

Fall into Forever is the debut novel by Beth Hyland and begins with a girl panicking at a fraternity party because of a guy (been there, done that right?!). So what do us girls do when avoiding a guy at a party? We find an escape route. Except poor Ivy’s is onto the roof and now she’s got to figure out a way down. Enter Jon Priestly. This man oozes bad boy, he has a guitar, drives a motorcycle, hosts a radio show, sells weed, and he helps old women……

Okay so maybe he’s not such a bad boy after all!

The characters in this novel are so well written that I had a hard time believing they’re not real. Ivy is broken, a fatal car accident took the life of a man she’s told she loved but she doesn’t really believe that because what memories she does have of him are conflicting. With the missing memories of the accident and people blaming her, she feels lost and insecure. She moves hours from her home to escape it. Jon is no better off. He’s an orphan, mother dead, deadbeat dad, in and out of foster homes, which resulted in some time in juvie. But because of some people who’ve been in his corner he’s trying to be a good person, make a difference, just in general be better. He’s closed off emotionally until he meets Ivy who happens to be stuck on the roof of his house. Together they’re great! I loved reading about their relationship and seeing how it grows into more. How they pushed each other to be better and overcome. I loved it!

So why four stars instead of 5? Well, I felt that in a few instances, especially at the beginning the characters were portrayed more like high school students pretending to be college students. Some of the remarks made by the characters and their actions were just too immature for people their age (21). That was just my impression though.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. Yes, it’s in the erotica category and there are a few erotic scenes, but none that made me feel uncomfortable or like I was reading straight porn (haha!). They were placed well in the story and added to the characters’ relationship.

Also I loved that in this day and age where a book has to be in a series this one is not. It is a standalone, no cliffhanger ending. It left me feeling happy and just completely smitten with Ivy and Jon. If you enjoy new adult romances, do yourself a favor and get this one!!! I never would’ve guessed this to be a first novel, well done Mrs. Hyland!!!!

Well Done!!!

About Beth Hyland

Beth Hyland is the author of FALL INTO FOREVER, a contemporary New Adult romance coming out March 10.
She's a friendly Seattle girl who used to work in the tech field but now writes books. She married her college sweetheart, has two awesome kids, believes in happily ever after, and has a closet addiction to YouTube makeup tutorial videos.

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