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I received this book via Author. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of this review.

Review: Fractured Suns by Theresa KayFractured Suns by Theresa Kay
Series: Broken Skies,
Published by Self Publish on 2015-09-18
Length: 255 pages
Reviewing eARC from Author

We came in peace. Lie.
We had no role in the Collapse. Lie.
I have always been honest. Lie.
I never lied to her. Truth.

Reunited with her brother, and surrounded by Flint, Peter and her new-found grandfather, Jax Mitchell has still never felt more alone. The choice to follow Rym back to the city to find answers and see Lir is an easy one, but their reunion is cut short and Jax is forced to leave Lir behind. She finds herself traveling with some unexpected companions and heading back toward a place she’d hoped to never see again.

After being imprisoned—and tortured—on the orders of his uncle, Lir hasn’t seen daylight or linked to anyone in weeks. After a lifetime of connection, the pain and loneliness is almost too much to bear. Elated that Jax actually came, Lir finds renewed hope and the strength to continue fighting his uncle's influence over the E'rikon, even when things look hopeless and Lir’s been branded a traitor by the very people he’s trying to save.

While Jax and Lir fight separate battles, their missions have more in common than they realize. It’s a race against time to stop men driven only by greed and power. But the ones they trust the most might be the very people working against them—and "family" doesn't mean what it used to. Will they recognize their friends from their enemies in time to save the people they love or will they lose each other in the process?

Fractured Suns by Theresa Kay is the follow up to Broken Skies and follows Jax and Lir a few months after the attacks in the E’rikon city. ***Please note that if you HAVE NOT READ book one of Broken Skies there are minor spoilers in this review.*** Jax successfully rescued her twin brother Jace from the cruelty of the E’rikon and is now hiding out in the woods with Peter, Flint, and her newfound grandfather Jastern. Lir is still in the city supposedly working with his uncle to launch a full scale war with the humans. But Jax learns quickly that not all is what it seems and sometimes family bonds aren’t strong enough to win out.

OMG!!!! I don’t even….what….argh!!!! SO GOOD!!!! So that pretty much sums up my thoughts on this book. It is so dang good! I couldn’t sit it down and finished it in one night. Sleep was not necessary while reading this book. The suspense, the additional world-building, the link between Lir and Jax….just AH-MAZE-ING!!!!

Jax is more than a little lost this book. She’s thankful to have her brother and best friend, but the link she had with Lir is broken and she doesn’t know why he did it. Her E’rikon grandfather (BIG SURPRISE) is bordering on cruel where she is concerned and she doesn’t know how much or if she should even trust him. She’s confused, hurt, and lonely but she doesn’t stay that way for very long. Her character grows and becomes something I don’t think she’s prepared for!

And Lir….can you hear my happy sigh 😉 The author…God bless her…gave us chapters from Lir’s POV this time and I have to say I loved them. It helped to understand what he was thinking and the decisions he made during Broken Skies. Lir is also broken at the beginning of this book, though he holds it together better than I would. He’s been tortured, beaten, and questioned about the half-breed he brought into the city. He is being blamed for the staged attack on the city and it’s his cousin that offers him help. He doesn’t know who to trust, but he knows he has to find Jax and keep her away from this impending war.

Lir and Jax are not together for more than 90% of the book, so prepare yourselves for that, BUT that makes for two very interesting intersecting plots. Lir is focused on saving his sister, his people, and somehow getting out of the city. Jax is focused on returning to her old home and warning them about the impending attacks. While the book focuses mainly on the impending war between humans and E’rikon, it also focuses on the fractured relationship between Lir and Jax. There’s little romance in this book, but there is plenty of suspense and plenty of action.

Overall I liked this one just as much as the first. It does not suffer from second-book syndrome! Jax and Lir are two of my favorite characters and they really shine in all their brokenness. I can’t wait to see what the author has in store for them next book. If you enjoy science fiction, a little alien love, and a good dystopian, this is the book for you. Just remember to read book one first 😉

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