Sunday Post #43 – Remembering My Papaw

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**Please note that this week’s post is a very personal post and not book related. Regular posts will resume tomorrow on 9/21 at 8am EST**

Last Sunday started as any other Sunday. I was up getting the family ready to head to church when a text message changed all my plans. It was from my mom. Her and my dad were in Panama City Beach for vacation. It read:

I know you’re at church, but we are on our way home. Popa is in the hospital. It’s not good.

My heart stopped. We hadn’t left yet so I called my mom and she struggled to tell me what was going on. My Papaw had a heart attack and was being rushed by ambulance to the nearest hospital. My parents being over 7-8 hours away and I being 3 hours limited what we knew. This was at 9am. At noon, the call came that he was gone.

It happened so quickly, in the blink of an eye. My heart is broken and has been all week. I hurt for the man that I loved my whole life and I ache for my Mamaw and Dad and aunts and uncles and cousins who miss him so much. But I take comfort in knowing that this man is in Heaven. There is no doubt where that is concerned. I will see him again and he will have a new healthy body.


My Papaw was an amazing man! He had 11 children, 21 grandchildren, and 29 great-grandchildren (and a few great-greats on the way). It was a full life, but one he didn’t question. One of my favorite stories he told me was when he asked my dad’s mom, his first wife who passed away in 1984, to marry him. She was 14 years older than him, so when she found out he was just 18 (four years older than her oldest child) she moved them all to Florida. He followed. When he showed up on her doorstep, she told him “Boy, if you’re crazy enough to follow me, then I guess I’m crazy enough to marry you!”


When she passed, he was only 44 and a few years later he met the woman I know as my Mamaw. They traveled the world together. Looking through pictures for the funeral, I could see what kind of life he lived with her. They traveled all over the US and spent time in Australia, Europe, Bermuda, and a few others I can’t remember now. They had fun, enjoying every bit of their retirement together. But most importantly they loved each other, which I had the privilege of seeing growing up.


My Papaw was a big man, just over 6 foot and over 300 pounds. I so miss his big bear hugs. When I was a little girl I remember feeling like I could disappear in his hugs, and even as an adult I still feel the same. When I was 17, I had just had my heartbroken in my first big high school breakup. I went over to his house and he asked me (as he did every time I saw him, even now at almost 30) “What did you learn today?” I can’t remember exactly what I responded with probably something along the lines of boys are liars and started to cry. You know what he did? He told me to come sit in his lap and I did. And he hugged me while I cried. Those hugs….God I miss them!


My Papaw was a nut. He would do anything to make you laugh and he spoiled us grandkids rotten. When I was 8 or 9 I had gone camping with them out in Townsend and on our way home we stopped by a Dairy Queen to eat. When we finished he asked me if I wanted ice cream which I of course did. If you’ve ever been, then you know that the ice cream cones come in three sizes – small, medium and large (1, 2, 3 scoops). He came back with a large for me! My Mamaw looked at him and said “Curtis! She can’t eat all that.” He gave her a cat-ate-the-canary grin and said “I know.” I think he wanted ice cream too 😉


My Papaw was a civil war buff (really anything to do with American history), loved to research genealogy (though he got stuck when he couldn’t find where are ancestors entered America), liked country music, loved Elvis 😉 and any good gospel singing. Above all though I know he loved me. He loved my son, who resembles my Papaw and the traits I inherited from him. And he loved the Lord. At his funeral, they played “Peace in the Valley” sung by Elvis (is there any other version?!) and I know that my Papaw is now at peace.

This past week has taught me a few things Papaw. Life is too short, no matter how old the person is when they pass. Every moment should be cherished. Love knows no end. You will live in my heart til I see you again. Love you Papaw!


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7 responses to “Sunday Post #43 – Remembering My Papaw

  1. I am so sorry for your loss! That’s weird that things happened so far. It sure sounds like he had a great life. And I agree life is always too short and losing somsone close to you always will be hard. This week must have been every hard for you, but at least you have a lot of good memories of him. It’s good to remember those moments.
    Lola recently posted…Sunday Post #144My Profile

  2. I’m so sorry for your loss *hugs* it definitely is very hard when someone we love so much is ripped away from us so quickly, but I think the way you feel about him will make him stay in your heart forever! Thank you for sharing his life and his love with us, it shows that even if he is gone too soon, his life was full, and he was loved back with the same fervor he loved you with.
    *big hugs*
    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews recently posted…Review: The Heat of the Moment – Katie RoseMy Profile

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