Children’s Corner: The Jungle Book on the Big Screen

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Children's Corner

Two weeks ago we took little man to see Disney’s live action The Jungle Book and I have to admit I was impressed. Before we went I was concerned that it would be too scary for a five year old, but I was pleasantly surprised. Not only did Disney stay fairly true to Rudyard Kipling’s classic, but they even included some of the songs from the cartoon I grew up loving. My son was entranced and when we went to the zoo this past weekend wanted to see Shere Khan and Baloo. I call that a win 😉

Overall Conclusion:

Recently Read: Lassie Come-Home by Eric Knight 

Little man really didn’t care for this book. After rereading it as an adult, I’m inclined to agree with him. It portrays a young boy whose family has sold his dog because they can’t afford to keep it. Ok I understand this, but they didn’t explain it to the boy until after his dog was gone. Of course he’s heartbroken and acts out. We wound up giving up about half way through. The writing style (using the character’s dialect) was hard to read and understand for us.

Currently Reading: Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White

Now this is a tried and true favorite of mine. So far little man loves it!

Little man only has a week left of preschool. He’s done so well. It’s hard for me to believe that at this time last year he couldn’t write his name. Now he not only writes his name, but others (if I spell them out) and can read a little on his own. It blows my mind! I’m sad to say goodbye to his preschool. They’ve loved on him this year and helped start a great foundation for Kindergarten next year. BUT I am so excited to see this little guy keep on learning.

What books are you and your children reading right now? Share below

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