Audio Review: The Defiance by A.G. Henley

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Audio Review: The Defiance by A.G. HenleyThe Defiance by A.G. Henley
Series: Brilliant Darkness #2
Published by Central Park Books on 2014-09-05
Length: 201 pages
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It hasn't been long since Fennel, a Sightless Groundling, and Peree, her Lofty Keeper, fell in love and learned the truth: the Scourge, and their world, are not what they seem.

Fenn and Peree are determined to guide their people to the protected village of Koolkuna, but first they must convince them that everything they believe is a lie. An impossible task, especially when someone seems hell-bent on trying anything--even animal sacrifice and arson--to destroy the couple's new bond and crush the frail truce between the Groundlings and the Lofties. Not everyone wants to uproot their lives in the forest, and those who stay behind will be left terribly vulnerable.

Fenn and Peree's resolve to be together, and the constant threat of the Scourge's return, push both groups to the breaking point. Unable to tell friend from foe, Fenn must again decide how much she's willing to sacrifice to ensure the future of the people of the forest.

Only this time, the price of peace may be too high to bear.

The Defiance never gets old! This is my third time reading A.G. Henley‘s zombie-esque dystopian and first time listening to the audiobook. I love Peree and Fenn, their world, and the fight for a better life. In this installment of the Brilliant Darkness series, Fenn and Peree are back in their villages and must convince their people to return with them to Koolkuna and their protected waters.

Fenn is a different person than who we met in the first book. She is more independent now and not afraid to speak her mind. I liked seeing this version of Fenn as she grieves the loss of Aloe and tries to come to terms with her decision to leave her village.

Peree is still just as swoon-worthy as he was when we first met him. He is protective of Fenn and defiant of the elders’ decision to keep them apart. They are promised and it will cause a whole heap of trouble for them.

The plot of this one is fast moving and yet not much happens until the end. The majority of the book Fenn and Peree are kept apart, trying to convince their villages to go with them to Koolkuna. Fenn struggles though. She is the water bearer and she wonders how her people will survive without her. It’s this conflict within her (her sense of duty vs. her sense of self-preservation) that drives the novel. I loved seeing how the long confinement in the caves affected her people. Even Moray who I hated in the first book, gets a little redemption in this one.

Emily Zeller is the narrator and she is fantastic! She reads quickly (this audiobook is around 7 hours) and since I listen on double speed I was able to finish this book in one afternoon. Her tone and inflection also reflects differently for each character. I found myself loving it! I’ll be looking for more of her narrations soon.

Overall The Defiance is one of my favorite books. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the audio this time as I prepare to FINALLY read The Fire Sistersthe conclusion to the series. Fenn and Peree are one of my favorite OTP and I cannot wait to see their ship sail into the lands of HEA in the next book. If you enjoy dystopia, science fiction, and young adult, I highly recommend it!

About A.G. Henley

A.G. Henley is a USA Today bestselling author of contemporary and fantasy books and stories, including the young adult Brilliant Darkness series. The first book in the series, THE SCOURGE, was a Library Journal Self-e Selection and a Next Generation Indie Book Award finalist. She’s also a clinical psychologist in Denver, Colorado, but she promises not to analyze you... much.

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