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This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
Review: Fall of the Dragon by Rebecca EthingtonFall of the Dragon by Rebecca Ethington
Series: Phoenix's Ashes #2
Published by Imdalind Press on 2018-10-19
Length: 316 pages
Reviewing Kindle Rating:
4 Flames
Reading Challenges: 2018 New Release Challenge

I thought my life was dangerous enough when I was being hunted by the dragon king, now I’m bonded with his three sons.

After a lifetime flying under the radar, one kick to the balls has sure thrown everything into piles of smoldering rubbish.

The circus that I spent my entire life hiding in has gone up in flames, leaving me and every other supernatural creature that the old witch was hiding, exposed.
And there are a lot more of us than I thought, including one vampire who seems to know more about myself than I do. With all her sneers and taunting, she has a key to my past that could end in my death, or her just draining me of my blood.

Not that my dragons will let that happen. Their father may not have caught my scent yet, but if I can’t control my ‘bristling mating instinct’ and figure out my past before the Vampire brat does, more than just a couple of tents are going to go up in flames.

Fall of the Dragon by Rebecca Ethington picks up right where book one of Phoenix's Ashes left off. The tension is palpable on the pages as the dragons and phoenix come face to face with the dragon king for the first time….well at least it’s Ellie’s first time. The plot is faster paced this time, and the stakes seem higher as Ellie learns more about her heritage and what it really means being the phoenix. 

Ellie and her Dragons

I like Ellie’s development in this book. She was a bit immature and naive in Rise of the Witch. However here she knows more about the shifter world that was kept from her growing up. She makes wiser decisions and is rightfully (and finally) scared of her fate. I also enjoyed how she fought the mate bond. She fights it in the first book, but in reality it was more that she was freaked out by it. In this installment, she accepts the bond and what it means, but doesn’t give into it. Instead she wants to know her dragon mates, what they stand for and how to protect them.

Her dragons….Killian, Jarron, and Drake. What can I say about these males? Several reviewers for the first book pointed out how possessive they are. And it’s true, they are possessive. I guess I overlooked that in the first book because, well dragons. Dragons in mythology are possessive creatures with hordes. It stands to reason they’d be the same with their mate. Of all the dragons I can’t pick a favorite. Drake is the sensitive, younger brother who seems to be most intuitive of Ellie’s needs. Jarron is the ladies man and can’t seem to help himself with the flirting. He really does it just to see Ellie smile which in turn makes me smile.

And then there’s Killian. If you’ve read Rise of the Witch, you are aware where his relationship with Ellie currently stands. It isn’t good 😬 Killian is probably the hardest of Ellie’s mates to like. Killian is the eldest brother, the dragon king’s heir, and one scary dude to boot. However, in this book Ethington really grows his character. We get an insight into his thoughts and feelings which he rarely shows to others. He’s got a big heart and is trying to do right, all while trying to break the cycle of abuse he was raised with. 

Dragons, Vampires, and Fae

What I love most about this series is Rebecca Ethington‘s world-building. I love how (so far) we’ve encountered many different types of paranormal creatures, all living in this urban fantasy world. While this series focuses on the dragons, there are also vampires and fae. I love how they are tied into this world and what Ethington does with them. I kind of can’t wait to see Callay’s role in the upcoming books. 

While Ellie is still learning all there is to know about this world she was hidden from, we the readers also get a glimpse. Sometimes (because the POV alternates among Ellie and her dragons) we know things before Ellie. Y’all I love irony 😀 

My Final Thoughts

Overall I really enjoyed Fall of the Dragon. If possible, I think I enjoyed it more than the first book. The continued world-building, the fast plot, and the building romance have me hooked. If you enjoy slow-burn romance, reverse harems, and urban fantasy, I highly recommend this series. 

About Rebecca Ethington

Author Rebecca Ethington

Rebecca Ethington is an internationally bestselling author with almost 700,000 books sold. Her breakout debut, The Imdalind Series, has been featured on bestseller lists since its debut in 2012, reaching thousands of adoring fans worldwide and cited as "Interesting and Intense" by USA Today's Happily Ever After Blog.

From writing horror to romance and creating every sort of magical creature in be-tween, Rebecca's imagination weaves vibrant worlds that transport readers into the pages of her books. Her writing has been described as fresh, original, and groundbreaking, with stories that bend genres and create fantastical worlds.

Born and raised under the lights of a stage, Rebecca has written stories by the ghost light, told them in whispers in dark corridors, and never stopped creating within the pages of a notebook.

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