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Review: Plague of Death by D.L. ArmilleiPlague of Death by D.L. Armillei
Series: Anchoress #2
Published by Diamond Cove Publishing on 2019-02-11
Length: 470 pages
Reviewing eARC from YA Book Central
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Her light protects her world. But to defeat an unspeakable evil, she’ll have to embrace her darkness…

Sixteen-year-old Vanessa Cross’s first clue that summer break will be anything but fun? She wipes out on her surfboard and envisions monsters. Back on land, life is its own kind of nightmare.

Her hypocritical stepmother—the only family she has left—has a secret boyfriend. She can’t find the necklace her father left her. Her spirit guide talks in riddles. Her team isn’t taking Junior Grigori training seriously, except Brux, the love of her life who can never be hers.

Fearing that emotions could lead her down the dark path of her cursed ancestors, Van hardens her heart and focuses on her destiny: becoming the great warrior and protector of her people. She’s ready. She’s sure of it…until she gets an assignment that shakes her resolve.

Van and her team race to repair a cracked seal separating the Living and Earth worlds, but clawing at the barrier is no ordinary demonic horde. This enemy is darker, stronger, hungrier. It falls squarely on Van—ready or not—to fulfill her mission for her friends. For her people. And for all humanity.

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Van, Paley, and Brux are back in D.L. Armillei‘s Plague of Death, the second book in the Anchoress series. I really enjoyed the first book and was excited to dive into the next adventure. Y’all it doesn’t disappoint! I liked this book even better than the first.

Van is a different girl than the one we met in Shock of Fate. The events of that book took her innocence and navieté. She is harden and attempts to be unfeeling. Van believes that feeling emotions is a weakness, one she cannot afford if she is to be the warrior her people need her to be. It’s heartbreaking to read.

Paley is the same girl. I don’t think she’s changed at all! She is very human and wears her feelings on her sleeve. This is challenging for Van who is trying to feel nothing. Her best friend forces her to confront the things she fears and grieves. I had to cheer Paley on a little for that. However at times, I found Paley annoying. How can you be a good friend and call yourself a best friend when you are jealous of and undermining said friend?! It makes zero sense to me.

The book opens as the alignment draws near. This is the only month of the year that Van can travel to the Living World without facing the Quasher (big, evil death monster). Van’s assignment for this alignment comes when a sickness is tearing through the island. This sickness has a demon origin and has breached into the Living World. Van and her team which consists of Paley, Brux, and Pernilla are charged with checking the second seal (the seals are what keep the Living and Earth worlds separate). This adventure is unlike the first. There is more of the Living World explored: more people, more creatures, more places. I loved it! The author created a fantastic world in Shock of Fate and expands on it here. I got lost in the pages and loved every minute of it.

Now I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Van’s ulterior motives on this adventure. She plans to follow Uxa’s orders to a T, but also has her own missions. First she wants to learn more about Ferox, the last living prince of the Balish people. She needs to be sure that he is not like his sister Solana and his light is pure. Van’s other mission is to find an end to the Anchoress curse. Both lead her right to the Balish and Ferox. The only thing I personally didn’t care for in this book is the love triangle that has been set up among Van, Brux, and Ferox. Obviously Brux who I love can’t be with Van. He’s her assigned protector. Ferox is also not the best choice, he’s the leader of her enemies. Personally I’d choose Brux, but that’s me.

Overall, Plague of Death is a thrill ride, blending fantasy and adventure til you believe the Living World and its creatures truly exist. Van is not the spoiled girl from book one, and my heart ached for her as I read. She has a lot on her plate at such a young age. The only downside for me (and this is purely my own opinion) is the love triangle. I could have done without that. However the character growth and the world-building more than make up for that. If you enjoy fantasy adventure, then this is the book for you!

About D.L. Armillei

Author D.L. Armillei

This USA Today and international best-selling author was four years old she wrote a "story" in "cursive" and gave it to her mother to read out loud. Her mother tucked the pages into a desk drawer, telling D that she should read the amazing story she had created in a few years--after she had learned how to read and write.

Now--able to read and write--D continues to create amazing stories. Her flagship series called the Anchoress is a young adult/adult crossover epic fantasy with action, adventure, and a bit of romance. These stories immerse the reader in a complex plot interlaced with spiritual messages of self-empowerment. This series will appeal to fans of The Hobbit and LOTR.


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