Sunday Post #180 – One Busy, One Resting

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Amanda’s Weekly Update

Another week done and dusted. I like doing these Sunday posts – it gives me a real chance to reflect on my weeks, because they tend to blur together when you’re in the thick of it. Monday was a good labor day, we relaxed as a family and went for a drive around Richmond. It’s been years since we just “went for a drive” and I found it mostly lovely. I’ve been working on all my lifts this week, and I’m almost done maxing them all out to start a new training block, which is leading up to my competition. So far I’ve increased my squat by 30 lbs., and my bench press by 10 lbs. I’m maxing out my deadlifts this afternoon – and I’m hoping to add 30 lbs. to that lift as well. Tuesday I also started preschool (homeschooling) with my littlest girl. She’s four and thinks she knows it all, but she loves school work. And I love preschool learning. It’s so sweet to watch her play, color and listen to me read and then *pop* it all clicks for her. A is for apple AND ant AND aardvark. 

As I write this (Saturday afternoon) my husband has just pulled out of the neighborhood with his 5th wheel camper to camp closer to work. So I’m on my own with the kids till about Christmas. Luckily all his work is still in the state, so he can be home in about an hour if we need him. It’s all part and parcel of being a Union Millwright wife. He travels a lot and we do our thing, it’s normal by now. But still difficult. If I think about it too long I still get misty-eyed. We just love the Daddio around here. 

I’ve been carving out more time to read, first thing in the morning. I wasted my time (and coffee) on a DNF book this week, but I am going to work on a VERY good one this week. 😊 That will make waking up before dawn totally worth it. A word to the wise: Never waste good coffee on a bad book.

Lillian’s Weekly Update

Happy Sunday y’all! This week I was lazy. August was so busy with back to school events, birthdays, sports practices, and well just craziness in general as we got back into the swing of things. I had things to post this past week, lots of reviews, a book I’m waiting on, even a top ten list. But none of that happened. I instead focused on catching up on laundry, deep cleaning the playroom, and reading. I don’t think I even opened my computer last week. It was refreshing and needed. Now I’m finishing up this post as I watch my team go into a second OT and I’m a nervous wreck 😅 

On a side note, I’m proud to be a Vol. Did y’all see this shirt? Even if you don’t bleed orange you need it. Read the story behind the shirt here

And they lost…..

Currently Reading 📖


Book Cover for "The Angel Knight" by Susan King


Book Cover for "The Reader" by M.K. Harkins

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This Week’s Book Fix 📚

Love and Other Wild Things by Molly Harper (Audible Escape) | Bloodleaf by Crystal Smith (Audiobook)

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    • Amanda Lipscomb

      Aw thanks Molly! Growing a baby is hard work too!! Put those feet up as often as you can (book in hand😉). ❤❤

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