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I received this book via the author, Melissa A. Craven, M. Lynn. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of this review.

Review: Fae’s Power by Melissa A. Craven & M. LynnFae's Power by Melissa A. Craven, M. Lynn
Series: Crimes of the Fae #2
Published by Twin Rivers Press on 2020-10-07
Length: 270 pages
Reviewing eARC Rating:
Reading Challenges: COYER All Year 2020

Griffin O’Shea is Forgotten.

Maybe it’s a good thing no one outside the prison realm remembers everything he did to earn his place in the dark kingdom.

Now that he’s back in the world of the Light Fae, he wants to earn their trust, their loyalty, and that means going after the missing prince and princess of Iskalt, children who call him uncle. It means searching through the human realm for a vanishing village only he can see and a book full of dangerous magic and devious secrets that are better left alone.

With a human leading the search, Riona at his side, and a profound lack of magic, the chances of finding anything they seek have never been worse.

But the odds won’t stop them. Nor will an illness threatening Griffin’s life.

Even if he has to crawl through the portals and face the king of Myrkur on his knees, he cannot stop.

Because there are things worse than death:

Watching those he loves die before him.

Seeing the realms of the fae crumble into dust.

Returning to the prison realm means being forgotten once again. Returning without the book could mean certain death.

But when all roads point to war, Griffin has no other choice.

The king must be defeated. His vast army must be stopped.

And this time, Griffin wants to be the hero instead of the villain.

Fae's Power is the second book in the Crimes of the Fae series featuring fae out for redepmtion, others desiring revenge, and an entire world that desperately needs to remember the things that have been lost to magic.

Fae’s Power by Melissa A. Craven, M. Lynn is the second book in their spin-off series Crimes of the Fae and picks up months after the end of Fae’s Prisoner. I’m honestly not sure where to begin! This story will leave you on the edge of your seat, holding your breath and begging for more. Fae’s Power is full of twists that will keep you guessing and may even break your heart in the process. 

I’m beginning to think the authors hate Griff! The poor Fae! They put him through SO much in this book. Griff has put aside his self-flagellation for the moment as he searches for his twin niece and nephew, Brea and Lochlan’s oldest. He, along with Myles, Fiona, and Gulliver, have searched the human realm exhaustively coming up with nothing but dead ends. To top it off, Griff is ill. He can barely stand on two feet, let alone continue to search and fight for Tia and Toby. Yet he does it anyway. The strength he seems to pull from nowhere astounds me. His character has come so far from the spoiled prince we met in Fae’s Deception. Griff is selfless, thinking of others before himself, and driven to save the niece and nephew he already loves.

Riona, on the other hand, can be quite selfish, or at least let you think she is. She reminds me a lot of Griff when he served Queen Regan. Most of her motives can be explained in serving Egan, the king of Myr. However, her feelings for Griff are growing. I still haven’t decided how I feel about her. I think time will tell. If she follows through with her thoughts (yay! We get more of her POV in this book), I believe I will come to love her like I have Griff. 

Overall I really enjoyed Fae’s Power. There are quite a few twists that I was not expecting. One is quite big, and I think we haven’t seen the ramifications of it just yet. I personally cannot wait for book three. If you enjoy dark Fae fantasy, I highly recommend it.

About M. Lynn

Michelle Lynn fell in love with reading when she was a kid. Every kind of book gripped her imagination. As she got a little older, she got into series like Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. Currently, her favorite is the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon.

Michelle is an escapist. She believes that a book can take you anywhere and get you away from what's going on in your own life. You can disappear inside the pages and become a different person. Growing up, this became more and more important for her as her life changed dramatically due to an illness. It started when she was young and got worse over the years. Reading is what helped her get through it. She's still getting through it but it isn't as hard, mentally, as it once was. Like reading, writing provided her a needed escape. Her dream is for her books to be able to do that for someone else. Life is hard but this just makes it a little bit easier.

Reading and writing aren't Michelle's only vices as she deals with the illness that has now become disabling. She's also an avid hockey fan. She lives in Florida but never misses a Columbus Blue Jackets game on TV.

Michelle also spends a lot of time with her family - parents, two sisters, 2 brother in-laws, and niece. She's also constantly surrounded by animals - 2 cats and a bird- that provide much needed comfort and inspiration.

She has a college degree in business, economics, and accounting but has to decide how to tie that to writing because that's where her passion lies now.

About Melissa A. Craven

Author Melissa A. Craven

Melissa A. Craven writes Young Adult Urban Fantasy with crossover appeal to other genres and audiences of all ages. She believes in stories that make you think and she loves playing with foreshadowing, leaving clues and hints for the careful reader.
She draws inspiration from her background in architecture and interior design to help her with the small details in world building and scene settings. (Her degree in fine art also comes in handy.)

Melissa is also the indie manager and a staff reviewer at You can follow her reviews and her contributions to the YABC blog at the YABC site.

Melissa LOVES to hear from her readers. You can connect with her at her website to find out more about upcoming Emerge releases, enter giveaways and download your free copy of Emerge: The Scholar.

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