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I received this book via Netgalley. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of this review.

Review: The Love Con by Seressia GlassThe Love Con by Seressia Glass
Published by Berkley on 2021-12-14
Length: 316 pages
Reviewing eARC from Netgalley
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He’s cosplaying as her boyfriend but their feelings for each other are real in this romantic comedy from Seressia Glass.

Sometimes Kenya Davenport believes she was switched at the hospital—how else could a lover of anime, gaming, and cosplay come from STEM parents? Still, Kenya dreams of being able to turn her creative hobby into a career. She finally has a chance to make it big when she joins the reality show competition Cosplay or No Way.

There's just one catch: the challenge for the final round is all about iconic pairs, and the judges want the contestants' significant others to participate. Unfortunately, Kenya is as single as can be at the moment. Luckily her best friend, Cameron Lassiter, agrees to be her fake boyfriend for the show.

Roleplaying a couple in love will force them to explore what they're hiding under the mask of friendship. Can Kenya and Cam fake it until she makes it, or will she be real about her feelings, knowing it could cost her the best friend she’s ever had?

The Love Con by Seressia Glass is a sweet and steamy rom-com about two best friends who become more for a reality TV contest. This one was a delight from start to finish. On the urging of her best friend, Kenya enters into a cosplay contest where the winner will receive a big payout and the chance to work in the costume department on the next Hollywood blockbuster. Making it to the final round, Kenya is thrown a curveball by the judges when she is sent home with the task of creating not one but two costumes in a month. The catch is that she can have a partner. Her opponent has his husband. Kenya has Cameron, he just doesn’t know it yet.

I love Kenya. She has a creative mind that never stops dreaming up new ideas. I loved seeing her in her element in this book, but also being pushed outside of her comfort zone. She’s got a lot riding on this contest including her role at Cam’s fabrication shop, one that her parents believe she is taking advantage of. Which let’s be honest is not a fair assumption in the slightest. Kenya makes me laugh, and it was so easy to cheer her as she met each obstacle head on.

Cameron is simply the best! I love that the author included his POV because it adds SO much to this story. Cam is Kenya’s best friend, having met at 13 just after he lost his mother. They have a co-dependent relationship, but also work independently of each other. She has his back and he has hers. They are a team and always have been. But for Cam, he’s always loved her. With Kenya announcing that they are a couple (news to him) on national television, Cam has to decide whether to take a leap of faith, believing that they will be even better as a couple than friends, or go along with it and fake a relationship for the cameras.

I loved the dynamic between Cam and Kenya. They are best friends so it was easy to see a natural, and at times awkward, progression in their relationship from friends to lovers. I loved how they stressed that they are a team. That you don’t get one without the other, and the author does a beautiful job of showing that through their actions rather than just telling us. Friends to lovers is one of my favorite tropes, and it is pulled off masterfully here.

Overall I really enjoyed The Love Con. I think I had a giant grin on my face from beginning to end. This is perfectly fluffy and fun with a heavy dose of sweetness to combat the steam. If you are a fan of rom-coms, nerdy girls and handsome boys, I highly recommend this one.

About Seressia Glass

Author Seressia Glass

Seressia Glass is the award-winning writer of more than a dozen novels and novellas in romance and urban fantasy. When not writing, she likes to belly dance, go on ghost hunts, and watch anime and shop for jewelry and all things purple. She lives south of Atlanta with her guitar-wielding husband and two attack poodles.

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